Get Equipped for Life

It starts with a story that is probably similar to yours …

I grew up in small-town Texas, although I’m not sure you could call where I’m from a “town” as it’s never even had a stop light. My Mom would give me a dollar in the morning, just enough to buy a Dr Pepper and a candy bar at the convenience store, and I’d be off. My time was spent outside, sneaking into the peanut mill, building tree houses, catching crawdads to sell, lighting things on fire, and mowing yards for money.

As I got older, graduated from school, got married, and moved away to much bigger places, I found myself far away from the life I came from. With 12 years in federal law enforcement, I saw firsthand how uncertain the world was. Much could be prevented by preparedness and a mindset of personal responsibility. I thought … It doesn’t have to be this way.

I quit my job, moved, and started a business that could give others the tools they need to handle whatever is thrown their way, leading to a confident and enjoyable life.

Whether you’re traveling for work, taking your family to a ball game, or getting milk at the grocery store, life is easier when you’re prepared. We want to help you have the right mindset and tools to get through the mundane, but also the unexpected.

Option Gray, Founder