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Everyday carry, or EDC, is simply the things you carry on a daily basis. It could be a concealed handgun, pocket knife, flashlight, multitool, organizer, wallet, and more. Our belief is you should be intentional about the gear you choose, how it’s used, and how it integrates into your life. Join us as we take a look at all the things that support you daily.

Can Your Gun Be Loaded When You Conceal Carry?

Carrying a firearm is a right afforded to you by the U.S. Constitution. Despite it being a right, there are a lot of laws surrounding the act of carrying a gun and it is still your responsibility to understand all that the license entails and following the laws upon which your gun ownership are predicated.

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Should I Carry With One in the Chamber?

The debate on whether or not to carry with one in the chamber is one for the ages. Skeptics will argue that gun safety is crucial in preventing accidents and gun negligence claims, while most concealed carriers insist that carrying with one in the chamber can make a difference in life and death situations. So, should you carry with one in the chamber?

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.380 ACP

Is a .380 Good Enough for Concealed Carry?

When it comes to choosing the right concealed self-defense weapon, a pocket-sized .380 ACP pistol is often brought up. They are relatively easy to carry around, don’t cost too much money, and generally deter attackers. But is it good enough for everyday concealed carry?

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Are Ten Rounds of Ammo Enough for Concealed Carry?

Preparing to purchase and carry your first weapon can be overwhelming the first time around. There are so many options to choose from, and many emphasize different characteristics such as compactness, caliber, size, etc. However, some of these decisions will have an impact on capacity and the number of rounds you can carry.

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How to EDC Duct Tape

There are only a handful of problems duct tape can’t fix, so given its versatility, how do we carry it effectively? Let’s look at three methods to integrate duct tape into your EDC.

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Chest Rigs vs. Plate Carriers

Plate carriers and chest rigs may not be essential gear for every civilian, but they have their purpose. Option Gray compares and contrasts the two so you can make an informed decision on your next purchase.

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Can You Conceal Carry a Ghost Gun?

Gunsmithing is a rewarding hobby that allows amateur and professional craftsmen to learn about the inner workings of guns while creating custom firearms. However, if you are considering gunsmithing with the intent to carry, you should research your local gun laws. Without a serial number, any self-assembled gun is considered a “ghost gun” and may not be legal to carry in your state.

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