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If you are having a hard time deciding on what gear to buy, how to use it, or how it integrates with the task at hand, we here to help. With honest gear reviews from real end-users and detailed how-to’s, we will help you make the most of your gear.

Do Gun Belts Actually Make a Difference?

It might be tempting to use a “regular” belt to carry a handgun as long as it holds everything in place. However, due to the gun and holster’s weight, normal belts often than not tend to sag, leaving you uncomfortable and at risk of revealing your concealed weapon. So, do gun belts actually make a difference?

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Are Lock Pick Guns Legal?

Lock pick guns, also known as snap guns, can greatly expedite the process of picking a pin tumbler lock; especially when compared to manual methods such as raking. However, is using or owning a lock pick gun legal?

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How Long Can You Keep a Round in the Chamber?

Those who are new to carrying a firearms often raise concerns about carrying their firearm loaded. Keep in mind, the point of getting a concealed carry permit is to defend yourself if presented with a lethal threat.

To do this, you obviously have to have a loaded firearm. But, once you chamber a round, how long can you keep one in the chamber?

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