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How to Build an Urban Escape and Evasion Bag – Digital Guide (PDF)


Urban escape and evasion… Are you ready?

Our digital guide provides you information on mindset, skills, gear selection, and more.


We live in a dangerous world with constant threats around us most of the time.

While some choose to push these threats to the back of their mind and pretend that terrible things cannot happen to good people, the reality is disaster can strike at any moment.

Thinking about contingencies for problems you may run into and how you will respond is the first step to addressing any threat you may face in your life. 

However, there is a fine line between being prepared to deal with the challenges life may throw at you without overpreparing and welcoming such conflict. Many people within the preparedness community struggle to walk this line.

In this PDF guide, we’ll explore exactly how we can walk this fine line. The most important lesson to take away is you need to be prepared without broadcasting it.

We’ve put this 25-page digital guide together in order to help shed some light on this topic as well as provide some practical advice on how to prepare and respond to some of the issues you may run into while out and about in the world. We particularly focus on how to build an urban escape and evasion bag.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Why Preparedness Matters
  • What is an E&E Bag?
  • How to Choose the Right E&E Bag?
  • What to Pack into Your Urban E&E Bag?
  • The Skillsets of a Survivor
  • The Reality of E&E Survival


A well-equipped E&E bag will undoubtedly make escaping from an urban disaster much easier when the time comes, but no matter where you find yourself in the world, a true sense of preparedness can only come from being prepared yourself.

Self-confidence and self-reliance may come naturally to some people, but by pushing yourself to uncomfortable places daily and training consistently to better yourself, it is a feeling that almost anyone can develop as long as you are willing to put in the work and grow as a person.