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Cody Martin

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With over 18 years of federal law enforcement, executive protection, training, and physical security experience, Cody focuses his time nowadays on both consulting and customized training solutions.

He regularly consults individuals, groups, multinational corporations, schools, houses of worship, and NGOs on security threats while conducting customized training as needed for those particular groups.

Cody’s major work has included:

  • National course creation for IED Response Course
  • Subject Matter Expert and national trainer in firearms and tactics
  • Risk assessments and security plans for some of the world’s wealthiest companies and ultra-high-net-worth individuals
  • Physical security operations at major national sporting events
  • Physical security of a former U.S. President

Outside of this website, you may have seen some of Cody’s work with:

He initially started Option Gray in 2014 to bring you the best gear to support intentional living. It has now evolved into supporting our readers with how-to’s, perspectives, reviews, and everything in between.

M.I. Grey

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M. I. Grey is a father, a husband, a perpetual learner, a suburban commuter, and a writer about his greatest passion…preparedness. From long-term food storage and medical knowledge/supplies to security.

As consummate learners, he and his family now cures meat, preps bulk foods, pressure cans, hunts, fishes, practices defensive shooting, reloads ammo, and keeps up basic trauma medical skills, gardens, forages for wild plants and mushrooms, and practices ham radio skills.

Most recently, he and his family purchased an off-grid vacation home where they built out a complete solar system and wired the camp for a few luxuries (lights, ceiling fan, refrigeration).

His 9-5 job involves a long commute that averages 90 minutes each way. During this time he listens to many podcasts and has devoured too many audiobooks to count.

While the drive is an immense time commitment, he uses it as an essential part of his continuing education. He is dedicated to the learning process and improving my skills through practice and formal instruction.

During the past quarter-century, he has tried to take one or two classes per year including:

  • LFI 1 (Now known as MAG 40)
  • SigArms Bullets and Bandages: (3-day trauma-medicine and firearms class)
  • GORUCK Constellation, and Expedition (urban and wilderness survival)
  • Ed Calderon’s Counter Custody (Levels I & II), to name a few.

He loves the process of learning almost as much as he loves sharing. Every article he writes he uses as a means to share what he’s learned.

Kit Lyn Walken

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“Kyt’s passion and dedication to the art of tracking are humbling” – Joel Lambert, Ex-Navy SEAL.

Kyt Lyn Walken is the official European representative and instructor for Hull’s Tracking School (Virginia, USA), and she is a certified Conservation Ranger for C.R.O.W. (Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide Inc).

She has been an outdoors and tracking enthusiast since childhood.

She is a freelance writer for several magazines based in the U.S. (Recoil OFFGrid, American Survival Guide) and the U.K. (The Bushcraft Journal, K-ISOM).

Kyt lives and works in Europe even if she often travels overseas.

Find out more at The Way of Tracking.