15 Best Gun Holsters for Cars & Trucks

If you would like to have your gun on you at all times, then you may be wondering about the practicalities of bringing your gun into a vehicle.

Is there a way to safely carry your gun with you wherever you go, including your car or truck?

We all know how difficult it can be to get in and out of a car when you have a gun on your person. 

Appendix carriers poke you in the stomach, rear belt configurations can be uncomfortable on your behind, and seatbelt mechanisms and holsters generally don’t mix.

But this is where a car holster comes in handy, as it makes bringing your gun along for a car ride comfortable and safe. 

But mounting your firearm in your car with a gun holster isn’t just about comfort.

Drawing your firearm against the back of your seat, or the sides of your center console may affect your efficiency and speed if you need to draw your weapon.

After all, you’re bringing your gun with you for a reason, in case you need to defend yourself and those around you.

Therefore, just like with any situation, you need to be assured that if you need to draw your weapon you can do so quickly and with confidence. 

Below, you’ll find 15 of the best car holsters for your car or truck, as well as what you should look for in a car holster, and some frequently asked questions about carrying your gun in your vehicle. Let’s get into it!

1. Keeper Gun Mount (Best Magnetic Type)

This holster allows you to access your firearm quickly, is a good fit for any type of gun, is easy to use, and is the best-selling magnetic vehicle holster out there.

With this gun mount, the mounting options are truly limitless. 

This mount is suitable for handguns, rifles, shotguns, revolvers… whatever gun you can think of, this mount can hold it!

Because of its flexible mounting options, this mount is ideal for use in cars, trucks, walls, or even under a desk.

Wherever you want to store your gun, this mount can handle it!

Plus, we really appreciate the anti-scratch cover for extra durability, and how it keeps your firearm free of scratches. 


  • High-quality rubber coated gun magnets securely hold firearms without scratching them.
  • Compact and sleek quick-draw design.
  • Compatible with most brands such as Browning, Clock, Glock, Heckler & Koch, Kel Tec, Ruger, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, and Walther.


  • Some customers felt that it didn’t hold the advertised weight and would be better with adhesive strips.
Keeper MG Gun Magnet for Vehicle - Magnetic Quickdraw Holder for Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun, Pistol up to 35lbs - Tactical Car Holster & Mount for Home, Desk, Truck Accessories for Men
  • Premium Quality: These high quality rubber coated gun magnets firmly hold firearms without scratching them. Install almost any gun type and model for quickdraw access. The magnetic gun mount for vehicle is a must-have for gun accessories
  • Lowkey Design: The sleek and compact quick draw design of our tactical magnet provides a concealed gun magnet mount for safety and protection. Includes 4 black self-tapping screws and installation guidelines. Dimensions: 3.75"L x 1.4"W x 0.30"H
  • Strong Magnets: Each car holster magnet is 35 lbs rated and coated in anti-scratch rubber. These are powerful gun holders to use under desk, in cars or trucks, and your home. They will hold most any firearm without scuffing
  • Compatible With Most Brands: The ultra-strong gun magnet for vehicle is also compatible with Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Springfield, Sig Sauer, Glock, Colt, Kel Tec, Heckler & Koch, Browning, and Walther. Easy to set up in car, truck, vault, desk, table, or safe
  • Compatibles With Most Guns: The gun magnets for home are suitable for storing a variety of firearms and is able to mount handguns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, and magazines. The holder can also be installed on a wall or in a doorway

2. Tac-Mag Gun Magnet

This easy-to-install vehicle mount can be installed anywhere you want and can hold up to 25 lbs of weight for larger pistols and guns.

If you would like to store longer firearms like shotguns or rifles then you should use two.

To attach the magnet to the desired surface use screws.

The steel base of the magnet is designed to last for years, and the plastic-coated

surface ensures your firearm won’t be scratched.

The ensured muzzle position control lets you hold your firearm in any position and keeps it safe while the vehicle is in motion.

The company claims that only a serious earthquake could rattle this holster! But your firearm can be simply released by moving it to the slide like a door lever handle. 


  • Has a secure hold of your firearm.
  • Easy to install anywhere you want in your vehicle.
  • Can remove your firearm quickly and easily. 


  • Again, some customers felt the adhesive wasn’t strong enough.

No products found.

3. Handy Dandy Magnetic Gun Holster

Thanks to the magnets on this mount, you can pretty much store your firearm anywhere in your vehicle.

It is also a great budget-friendly option, and the magnets are strong enough to keep your firearm secure at all times – you can even secure extra magazines to it!

This mount is designed to be stuck by adhesive or secured with screws to any flat surface, and the super-strong magnets keep the firearms in place.

This mount can hold firearms weighing up to 25 lbs, and while a single magnet is excellent for holding small firearms like handguns, multiple magnets can be used to secure rifles and shotguns.

The magnetic mounts also have a rubberized coating and 3 m sticky tape.

You can place this holster in many discreet places in your vehicle with the assistance of screws or sticky tape. 


  • You can mount this holster anywhere.
  • You can mount pretty much any type of firearm with this mount, from compact handguns to full sized handguns and shotguns. 
  • Installation is fast and easy.
  • It has a rubber coating that will not scratch your firearm.


  • Some customers had issues with the magnet.
Tacticon Gun Magnet | Magnetic Car Holster | Handgun & Pistols Mounts | Steering Wheel Holder for Car | Vehicle Guns & Pistol Mount Holster | Fast Installation | Holds Over 25 Lbs.
  • VERSATILE MOUNTING ANYWHERE: With the Tacticon gun magnet mount, you have the power to secure your firearm in practically any location. Whether it's under your bed, in a dresser, inside a safe, under your desk, or even in your car, our magnetic gun mount ensures quick and easy access when you need it.
  • UNIVERSAL FIREARM COMPATIBILITY: Our car holster is designed to hold all types of firearms, from compact handguns to mid-sized and full-sized models and even shotguns. The Tacticon car gun holster is renowned for its capability to support loads exceeding 25 lbs.
  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION AND ULTIMATE PROTECTION: The adhesive backing ensures a speedy setup, allowing you to position the gun magnet for car securely, even upside down, before attaching it with the included screws. Plus, our gun magnets for pistols are designed with a protective rubber coating, ensuring they won't scratch your valuable firearms.
  • SERVICE & SUCCESS – A VETERAN'S LEGACY: At Tacticon - a disabled combat veteran-owned company, we know exactly what it takes to provide reliable and effective equipment and can fully stand behind each pistol magnet mount we produce.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY: We also use our gun holster for car ourselves because we believe in its superior quality. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and no-questions-asked LIFETIME WARRANTY, we prioritize your satisfaction and peace of mind.

4. Vulcan Phantom QuickDraw Magnetic Gun Mount

Designed by military vets, the design of the Phantom QuickDraw Magnetic Gun Mount shows a great understanding of what you need to quickly attach and detach a firearm inside your vehicle.

This car mount definitely stands out on our list as being well above average!

To quickly release your firearm, grasp the grip of your handgun, if you don’t already have a live round, chamber a round and then pull towards you.

Since there is no gun security offered by this mount, we wouldn’t recommend leaving it in your car unattended, but when it comes to springing into action quickly, you can’t go wrong with the Phantom QuickDraw.

The Phantom QuickDraw has a magnetic mount that you fasten with screws and can hold small to medium-sized firearms with a flat top. It would be ideal for holding Glocks!

This mount is made of black powder-coated stainless steel and utilizes high-strength magnets.

Depending on where the mount is placed, it could be visible in spots that allow you to deploy the gun quickly, or you can keep it concealed under your dash. If you have space, it could also be drilled into the side of the center console.


  • Innovative design and high-grip magnetic construction.
  • Made in the USA with scratch-free premium plastic coating.
  • Can easily slide your gun inside this holster.
  • Comes with 4 screws for mounting and 1 bonus, premium Vulcan decal. 


  • Some customers felt that while this mount was ideal for a Glock, it wouldn’t be suitable for a gun with a curve on the slide. 

5. Stinger Gun Magnet

Rather than holding the firearm from the top of the slide, the Stinger Gun Magnet cradles the trigger guard that lets the firearm sit instead of holding it up.

This makes the gun more secure and prevents the trigger from being snagged on anything in your vehicle. 

This cradle-style magnet may have a simple design, but it utilizes powerful neodymium magnets to keep the firearm secure.

They add to the overall finish of the firearm and can be attached via sticky tape and four countersunk screws with additional anchors.

If you have a truck, this particular mount is excellent for the side of a truck console and can be easily concealed. 

We’ve found that this magnet works with any handgun, even the heavier models.

We believe the same could be said with pistols unless they are particularly thick around the trigger guard. 

You can definitely conceal this mount from any eyes peering into your vehicle, and if placed on the side of a truck console between the seats you shouldn’t be able to see it at all. 


  • Trigger guard protection that fully covers the trigger and provides extra protection from accidental discharge. 
  • Magnets are made of powerful neodymium.
  • Installation is fast and easy.
  • Designed to be mounted on any flat surface.
  • Compatible with most gun manufacturers. 


  • Customers praised the magnetic mount but thought the adhesive was weak. 
Stinger Magnetic Gun Mount Rack w/Trigger Guard Protection, Gun Holder Conceal in Car, Truck, Vehicle, Desks, Safes, Walls, Gun Magnet for Handgun Rifle Shotgun Pistol Revolver (Black 2-Pack)
  • TRIGGER GUARD PROTECTION – Stinger Gun Mount is an innovative firearm accessory that combines magnetic holder and trigger guard protection. It fully covers the trigger and provides additional protection from accidentally discharge. It is good to use in the car, truck, vehicle, office, cashier, bedside, doorway, desk, and table. The Stinger Gun Holder also helps to maximize the space allocation in your gun safe, and to configure the area where you keep your guns in a way that fits perfectly.
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH & DESIGN – We use powerful neodymium, also known as rare earth metal, magnets hold up to 15 lbs. And the trigger guard provides extra support to your gun more securely. That means your guns will stick and stay put, even on a bumpy road. Each magnet is coated with a soft rubber coating to prevent scratches on your gun’s finish. The Gun Mount is arranged with unique Halbach array magnetism so the gun holster will not damage sensitive electronics on the mounting side.
  • SIMPLE & FAST INSTALLATION – The Stinger magnetic gun mount installs in minutes and with little effort. Use the included adhesive two-side tape to secure the desired position. And then drill in the 4 included countersunk screws. We also include anchors in the convenience hardware kit in case you need them.
  • MOUNT ANYWHERE – The Stinger Gun Mount Magnets are beautifully matte finish designed to mount anywhere with a flat surface. The compact 4.4”L x 1.75”W x .3.5”H design means you can fit them in tight spaces for optimal camouflage. Install in your closet or bedside nightstand, under your office desk, on the wall in the garage, in your gun safe, or anywhere inside your car or truck. Put one wherever you need gun storage.
  • WORKS WITH MOST GUNS – Stinger gun rack is a must-have gun accessory for gun owners, and they work with most gun manufacturers including Glock, Smith & Wesson, Browning, Walther, Taurus, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Colt, Ruger, Kel Tec, Heckler & Koch, Remington, Winchester, Mossberg, Rossi, FN Herstal, and many others. Great gift idea!

6. COJO MFG Ambidextrous Magnetic Multi-Functional Holster

This is yet another cradle-like mount that requires the use of crews. However, since the cradle has flaps on both the top and bottom, it’s important to make sure your firearm will fit.

But most firearms can be nestled into the cradle with their triggers protected, which is an improvement to the magnetic mounts that only hold the top of the slide.

Compared to a mount like the Phantom QuickDraw, this is a bit more difficult to draw but is great for those who don’t use the safety or want to be extra cautious when passengers are in the car.

This V-Shape magnetic cradle is mounted with two screws and sticky tape.

You can also make use of the additional clips to wear this as a belt holster, although we would advise not using it exclusively as a belt holster.

We have found that this will accommodate an average-sized handgun and even a full-size handgun like a double-stack 1911.

This mount is made of hardened plastic and the magnets are made of high-strength neodymium magnets. 

With the COJO MFG, you could easily mount your gun and keep it obscured from view to anybody peeping into your vehicle.

You can also easily mount it to the center console, the glove box, or under your dash.


  • Secure magnetic holster to contain your pistol.
  • Can be mounted anywhere in your vehicle.
  • Can fit over 500 different pistols, and can hold 95% of all semiautomatic pistols and several small revolvers. 
  • Your pistol fits down inside the holster, for extra safety.


  • Despite being advertised as a holster that can fit all pistols, some customers felt this was more suited to smaller, lighter pistols.

7. Vaultek Slider Series

While this isn’t technically a holster, we wanted to include this product as we like using them in vehicles.

What makes them great for use in vehicles is that you can clamp them down and keep them secure, if you ever have to leave your firearm in your car unattended.

Of course, we don’t ever recommend doing this, but sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that mean you have to do this.

This super sleek vault can fit under most seats, between the console, in the trunk, or in other parts of the car.

The vault also runs on rechargeable batteries that last for about four months, so unless you bring the Micro-USB charging brick with you to your car, you may have to take it inside your home from time to time to charge it up.

However, it only takes about 2.5 hours to charge.

There is a handy little light above the firearm cradle which makes it easier to use in low light or in the dark.

The safe quickly unlocks with a biometric lock, via a numeric passcode, or even via a Bluetooth app! T

he Vaultek Slider Series is great for use in vehicles with a little extra space like a truck or an SUV, although you can also use it in a car.

However, we found it difficult to mount in a car as there are few places in a car where it’s easily accessible and can be unlocked quickly. 

The safe also has great padding and is made from 16 gauge carbon steel. While no safe is entirely unbreakable, we think this would be a particularly tough one to crack!

While opting for the model without biometric capabilities is more budget-friendly, we recommend the biometric option if being able to deploy your weapon quickly is a priority. 

This is because this is the quickest way to open the safe, and the least stressful. 

The Vaultek will hold a single firearm with an extra magazine for most small to mid-sizes frames, and the maximum compatible length is 8 inches.

It has a high-carbon steel construction with a black oxide coating that is designed not to corrode and a stainless steel mounting plate.

This sleek safe is also pretty easy to keep concealed if you have a spacious vehicle. 


  • Sleek safe can hold a maximum firearm length of 8 inches with 1 spare magazine.
  • The 16-gauge carbon steel construction has a durable finish and is anti-corrosive.
  • The three-point precision rail system and ball bearing guides helps with quick deployment. 
  • You can open the safe via Bluetooth. 
  • Responsive red lighting lets you view the contents of the safe at night, and the proximity sensor illuminates the keypad as soon as you touch it.


  • Some customers found the fingerprint scanner did not work for them. 

8. Universal Vehicle Holster for Car or Truck

This holster is called Universal for a reason. It can fit in just about any type of vehicle!

As long as there is something for the strap to reach around securely, you’re good to go. 

For the simplest car holster possible, you can’t go wrong with the Universal.

It’s also great for those of you who have never owned a car holster before, as it is easy to use.

There is no mounting required, so there is no need to make permanent modifications to your vehicle.

If you like to mix up what pistol you have on you, then this holster can accommodate a wide range. 

We really appreciated being able to easily change the location of this holster, and you can make it as discrete or visible as you want.

This universal holster can also be mounted to your motorcycle, bed frame, or even your backpack.

Plus, it’s one of the cheapest holsters around.

This woven polyester holster comes with an adjustable 70-inch band that you can strap to almost anything.

The holster holds pistols of many sizes, ranging from a full-frame S&W 1911 to a Springfield XDS.

The visibility of the holster is up to you!

The strap is also pretty innocuous, so you wouldn’t be able to tell necessarily that it was a firearm holster.

Our favorite thing about this holster is how you can make it as visible as you want on any given day. 


  • Adjustable to fit almost all revolvers and autos.
  • It has an ambidextrous and spare magazine pouch. 
  • If you order 3 or more you can be upgraded to priority shipping.
  • Comes with an extra strap at an additional cost if it doesn’t fit under your steering wheel. 


  • Some customers found the holster quite loose.
Universal Vehicle Mount Car Truck Gun Pistol Conceal Ambidextrous Holster w/mag Pouch Black
  • This product is not vehicle or firearm specific. 70 inch mounting strap. Adjustable to fit all most all revolvers and autos - Ambidextrous and spare magazine pouch
  • Holster - adjustable side straps fits various different size handguns; Glock Springfield XD M&P Shield Ruger LC9 Taurus Slim Line Beretta Bersa Kahr Arms Colt Walther Sig Sauer Keltec and many more.
  • Ambidextrous: Carry Holster Can be used ambidextrously on both left and right hand side. Fits belts up to 2 inches
  • If there area under the steering wheel is too small get Vehicle Gun Mount Extra Strap B08PDT74LL
  • Click the video's on the left side by the pictures on how to attach the holsters to the mount and how to attach the mount to the vehicle, bed rails , or couch.

9. Pro-Tech Sticky Under the Dash Holster

This holster needs to be easily stuck to something, so it would be ideal for any vehicle with a flat surface that could accommodate a holster.

It is also a great, budget-friendly option for those who don’t wish to permanently modify their vehicle.

As long as you have a flat, hard surface to stick the holster too, then you’re good to go! 

One common complaint is of the adhesive strips not being up to scratch in extreme temperatures, or when holding firearms that are heavier than the average compact frame.

For this reason we wouldn’t recommend using this holster as a long-term, permanent solution.

Especially because if the adhesive fails, this could cause damage to your firearm. 

However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly firearm to hold your small frame pistol then this could be the holster for you.

This holster isn’t just for a vehicle

and can be mounted to pretty much anything such as a wall or bed frame. You can also buy replacement 3M sticky strips for a few extra dollars if you want to relocate the holster after it’s been mounted in your vehicle. 

This holster has a simple, polyester pouch design and is designed to fit small frame pistols like snub nose revolvers or small, compact .380s. 

Because this holster needs a flat surface to stick to, this holster may not be the most discreet unless your vehicle has flat surfaces that are out of sight from anybody looking inside the vehicle. 


  • Durable.
  • Secure.
  • Firearms are easy to access. 


  • Some customers had issues with the adhesive.

10. GunBunker Vehicle Gun Safe

The GunBunker Vehicle Gun Safe is an all-in-one that would be great for any vehicles that have the space and are able to accommodate mounting 4 elastic bands.

You may be able to mount it on a motorcycle too! But if you have plenty of space between your center console and steering wheel then this all-in-one holster would be an excellent choice addition to your vehicle.

It’s a whole plate of attachable storage that lets you attach the Velcro body holster to it while you’re in your vehicle.

Any other holster with Velcro could be used for the base, and since you can store other things with this holster, it is a handy, multi-functional tool to have in your vehicle.

Plus, considering it’s a body holster and car holster in one, it is excellent value for money!

This all-in-one holster has 13 different pieces and can be customized to fit your needs.

The entire thing measures 22” x 13” x 3”, and can hold phones, stun guns, radios, extra magazines, and ammo as well small to medium-sized pistols. 

This all-in-one holster is basically a Velcro tool belt for your car.

Once the base is strapped around your console, you can attach several components in any configuration you like.

The holster is meant to be carried on your person and then placed on the base when you are in the car, which is what makes it totally unique. 

However, the holster base will most likely be visible from outside as it only really mounts to the center console and does take up a lot of space.

However, there is an inside pocket where you can store your firearm, which means that you can conceal your firearm from anybody peeking inside your car. 

But if you have the room and want a holster that is capable of holding extra magazines, then this may be the best car holster for you. 


  • 4 elastic hooks secure the organizer panel.
  • Built-in holster with a belt clip that you can detach for your convenience.
  • Removable holder that can carry 3 extra magazines.
  • Made of heavy-duty Polyester 600 D.
  • The holster is fully customizable and can carry a wide range of guns. 


  • Some customers found it too large for their liking, and it is more suited to bigger vehicles.

11. Adjustable Pistol Pocket Car Seat Holster

This holster fits in just about any vehicle that has a seat! The Adjustable Pistol Pocket is a really budget-friendly way to have your pistol right in front of you with easy access.

However, it isn’t the most comfortable option, as it lies on top of the seat, which means you’re sitting on it, and it can move when you get in or out of your car.

It’s also not the best at concealing the weapon, but what it lacks in discreteness it makes up for in easy access.

This is a great choice for those who don’t wish to modify their vehicle, or don’t want to rely on sticky tape. 

It’s also one of the most budget-friendly options on this list, and ideal for those of you who have never used a car holster before, and don’t want any permanent modifications made to your vehicle.

Plus, at 24 inches long and 11.8 inches wide, it can hold most pistols. 

The holster is basically a seat cover that is secured under the seat by a strap.

The seat cover has a front pocket for a pistol that is right between your legs for easy accessibility.

Unless your legs are positioned in a certain way that conceals the gun, this holster will be visible to others. 


  • Made of 800D nylon and elastic tape for great air permeability. It also makes the holster stronger and more durable. 
  • It has an adjustable cord that can be attached to the back of the seat according to the size of the seat, and another cord that is attached to the bottom of the seat to prevent it from moving.
  • Suitable for storing small to medium-sized pistols, pistol magazines, flashlights and other tools.
  • Comes with a cover sheet to conceal the stored items.


  • Some customers found that the fabric that comes into contact with the seat is slippery, which isn’t comfortable or safe. Some customers felt the bottom piece should be a rubber or sticky glue bottom. 

12. Quick Access Barrel Fitted Mount

You can use this quick access barrel fitted mount in any vehicle that you can use magnets, screws, or sticky tape on.

However, we weren’t impressed by the design at first. After all, who would want to hang your gun by the inside of its barrel?

However, we gave it a try, and our mind was changed.

This is actually one of the easiest ways to mount a handgun inside a vehicle and the mounting procedure will not damage the inside of the firearm.

This is also a budget-friendly option that is easy to use, although you will need sticky tape or screws to secure it, which isn’t exactly ideal. 

This gun mount measures 6.5” x 2” x 1.5,” and will fit any handgun that is chambered larger than .22.

The mount itself also only requires a tiny amount of space and is very sleek and thin.

The mount is essentially a bar that you stick into the barrel of your gun and is covered in nylon 11 to prevent damage to the inside of the barrel. It will accommodate pretty much any firearm with a barrel diameter over a .22. 

You can make this fitted mount as visible as you want. You can display it proudly in the open, or you can mount it somewhere where it won’t be visible at all. It’s truly up to you!


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Sleek design.
  • Nylon 11 prevents damage to the barrel of your gun.
  • You can make your firearm as visible as you want.


  • Requires the use of screws and sticky tape which isn’t ideal.

13. Highway Holster’s Seat Belt Fastened Holster

The Highway Holster Seat Belt Fastened Holder is great for any vehicle with open access to the seat-belt mount, and some space between the seat and center console.

It is a bit more expensive than other options in this article, but it provides easy access and good security.

However, it’s important to note that this product does not contain an actual holster. It is instead an arm that is meant to accommodate a clip-on holster.

This is ideal for those who already have a belt clip style holster as you can easily keep the firearm holstered while getting in and out of your car.

The arm itself can also be fully adjusted and will fit in virtually any vehicle. 

This mount can accommodate many types of holsters and will fit basically any pistol.

The arm and stand are also fully adjustable, which allows for plenty of variations. 

The holster mount has an arm that connects to the seatbelt mechanism and extends to the end of the seat where your firearm is kept.

It can then be supported by an adjustable arm that rests on the floor and can be fastened to the console.

It is made of molded ABS plastic with foam protection, and the strap is made of polyester elastic and Velcro.

However, this mounting solution makes your firearm totally visible.

It holds it right out in the open next to your seat where it can be seen by people outside your vehicle – as long as the holster isn’t obstructed by your legs, so it’s not the most discrete option.


  • Fits between the seats and console gaps of most vehicles.
  • Within your reach at all times.
  • Has a mounting base for other attachments like your smartphone or tablet.


  • Some found installing this mounting solution to be rather complicated.
  • Some customers also didn’t find it very sturdy. 
Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount
  • Designed for holsters and items with metal belt clips 1.25” x 1.75“
  • Adjustable that fits between seats or console gaps on most vehicles
  • Holsters or items are positioned within drivers' reach at all times
  • Provides a mounting base for other attachments (e.g. cellphone, iPad)
  • Mount and Holster sold separately!

14. Jotto Gear Quick Access Locking Handgun Holster for Car

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you’ll want to have easy access to your gun at all times.

But of course, we all know how important it is to keep your gun discreetly tucked away, so it doesn’t alarm or raise the suspicions of passersby.

But the Jotto Gear Quick Access Locking Handgun Holster conceals your gun while keeping it easily accessible. 

This holster has an open back that lets you slide your gun straight out when you need it.

However, the overall design of this holster supports your gun from the top and holds it firmly in place with a series of strong magnets.

There is a solid steel construction and the overall design is especially sturdy too, as well as compact.

This makes your gun easy to conceal while keeping it close by.

The compact design of the Jotto also means you have a wide range of mounting options.

For extra security, there is a fingerprint reader built into the design, so only you have access to your gun. 

However, we found the installation process to be a bit tricky. However, the Jotto comes with special mounting brackets that make the task a bit easier.

Once the holster is successfully mounted, you can be confident it will stay in place. It’s not going anywhere!


  • Officially licensed by the NRA.
  • Quick and easy to access.
  • A wide range of multiple mounting options are available.
  • Can be used to store a wide range of guns.
  • Made of solid steel construction.


  • You may find installing the holster a bit tricky. 

15. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster for Concealed Carry

For a versatile car holster, look no further than the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck when combined with the Alien Gear Cloak Dock.

This top-of-the-range holster is easily installed in the vehicle of your choice using the dock, and can also be removed, so you can carry it with you. Just like any high-quality car holster should!

The beautifully molded design of this holster is extremely versatile and can be mounted to your vehicle smoothly and quickly.

The holster can also be removed and can be worn close to your body comfortably. 

This car holster has neoprene backing that is durable while providing full support.

Despite being durable, it is also soft enough to protect your gun from scratches.

Plus, the fully adjustable design provides plenty of security to give you total peace of mind.

You’ll never have to worry about your gun sliding out of the holster with the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck.

The discrete design also keeps it easily concealed from passengers or anybody outside the car. 

However, we found the design to be rather rigid at first, which makes removing your gun a little difficult.

However, it loosens up over time, after you’ve removed and replaced your gun from the holster around twenty times.


  • Has a fully adjustable design.
  • It is set with a waterproof neoprene back pad.
  • Keeps your gun totally secure.
  • Conceals your gun well.
  • Comfortable to wear, even close to bare skin.


  • You may find it rather tight at first, but it loosens up the more you remove your gun from the holster.
Alien Gear holsters S&W M&P Shield 9mm Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Hoslter (Right Hand)
  • Tailored Fit: Specifically designed for the S&W Bodyguard .380 Auto, ensuring a snug fit with optimal retention. This custom fit provides security and peace of mind while carrying.
  • Easy Adjustment: Customize ride height, cant, and retention effortlessly with tool-free adjustments. Simply tighten screws to match your preferred carrying style, adapting to your needs with ease.
  • Concealed Comfort: Crafted for concealed carry, our Cloak Tuck Holsters are designed to nestle comfortably against your body. Experience all-day comfort without sacrificing functionality, ensuring you're ready for any situation.
  • Built to Last: Reinforced with durable steel at the base, our holster ensures longevity and sturdiness to withstand regular use while maintaining its shape. Rugged construction provides steadfast protection, keeping your firearm secure.
  • Versatile and Durable: Alien Gear Holsters prioritize quality with materials that ensure unwavering performance. Designed to withstand the rigors of everyday carry, offering reliable protection for your firearm in any situation.

Buyer’s Guide

You may have noticed there are a few things to consider when buying a car holster for your firearm.

These are not just practical considerations when buying the holster, like visibility and ease of access, but broader considerations, like who is likely to be the passengers in your vehicle, and the law surrounding firearms.

Let’s take a look at these factors in more detail, so you can make a confident purchase.

The law

While firearms are intended to protect us, how you use them will affect the legality of having a firearm on your person. Before you buy any car holster, you need to plan and consider how you will be using your firearm. 

Areas you will be driving through

Another thing to consider is where you will be driving most of the time.

Will you be doing the school run? Crossing through borders where gun laws differ?

Or driving through government restricted areas? If you are, you run the risk of your firearm being classed as illegal, and whatever car holster you choose is irrelevant when you face the legal restrictions of possessing a firearm where you are not allowed to have one.

It’s also important to consider which state you will be primarily driving in, as every state will naturally have different laws regarding the possession of firearms, and pleading ignorance to these laws doesn’t really hold up in court, so if you’re crossing into different states you need to make sure you know about the laws of each state – and refresh your memory on the firearm regulations in your area!

Some states may require you to keep your firearm totally concealed from the outside of your vehicle.

This makes a few mounting options illegal, and some states may not even allow firearms in the main cabin of the car, so mounting options near the driver’s seat are not a good idea.


Another important consideration is the kind of passengers you’ll have in your car. For example, if you’re an Uber driver, it is not a good idea to keep a firearm in the car.

Not only will you get a low customer satisfaction score, it could also be illegal.

But even if you’re not driving paying customers around in your car, it’s still important to consider other passengers you have.

For example, will you be driving strangers around who may not be comfortable with the sight of a firearm in the car, or will you have impressionable kids whose parents may not be comfortable with a firearm being visible in a car their children are riding in?

Plus, you don’t want a child having access to your weapon! Consider who you will be sharing your car with and figure out how accessible these mounts will make your firearm to others.

Besides, not keeping your firearms totally secure in the presence of children may be illegal.

Before you mount a holster in your car, make sure to study all the laws and regulations surrounding firearms where you live.


While this may seem like common sense, make sure your holster actually fits! Have an idea of where you want your holster to go before you buy, and make sure there is enough room for it.

Plus, online you can easily find the dimensions of the holster you want to buy, so you really can’t go wrong.


As we’ve mentioned above, how visible your holster is – and the firearm stored inside it – is important, especially because of the legal implications. However, there are other considerations other than legalities.

After all, there are scenarios where you would want people to see you have a firearm in the car.

For example, if they were planning to break into your car.

If they see that you have a firearm they may think twice about breaking in after they have assessed it as a possible threat.

However, having a firearm visible if you get pulled over for a traffic stop just makes the situation worse. 

It’s important to take both scenarios into account and weigh up the pros and cons.

You may have noticed that buying a car holster should require a lot of thought and not be an impulse buy.

Generally, while a car holster can be a good deterrent and look pretty cool if it’s visible, it is often safer to keep it concealed. Usually, the more concealed the better.

However, it should still be placed in a location where you, and you alone, have easy and convenient access.

This brings us to our next point… 

Ease of access

The possibilities of vehicle-mounted firearms are pretty much endless, but not all of them will provide easy access to your firearm.

Therefore, before you purchase your car holster you should consider what method of vehicle-mounting is the most effective if the scenario presented itself where you need to draw your weapon.

Would you be okay with flipping open the console to grab your firearm, or would grabbing it from under the steering wheel be easier?

Would the seat adjusting lever be in the way if you used an under-chair mount? Will it be blocked by the seatbelt?

If you choose to mount it between your hand and the door will there be enough room for you to reach for it?

You get the picture, having a good idea of where you can easily access your firearm is key!

Mounting variations

We would be here forever if we covered every single mount available in every single variation, as they are pretty much limitless, and each vehicle has its own unique methods of mounting.

But let’s take a look at some of the most popular variations to give you an idea of what’s possible.

  • Steering column mount
  • On top of the steering wheel in front of the dashboard
  • On either side of the seat, either between the seat and the door or between the seat and center console
  • Under the seat
  • In the seat pockets
  • Console mounts
  • Console vaults
  • Trunk mounts
  • Trunk vaults
  • Door mounts
  • Cupholder mounts
  • Visor mounts
  • Roof mounts
  • Headrest mounts
  • Glove box mounts
  • Windows mounts (not recommended)
  • Stability bar mounts for motorcycles
  • Gas tank mounts for motorcycles
  • Velcro mounts
  • Locking mounts
  • Cable mounts
  • Plastic or metal dock mounts.


What is a car holster?

For those of you who have never used or seen a car holster, a car holster (or a vehicle mount) is basically a gun holster that you can install in your car or any other vehicle.

A car holster is meant to keep your gun secure, easily accessible, and keep your firearm concealed from any unwanted eyes.

What do I do if I get pulled over with a gun in my car?

Nobody likes getting pulled over on a traffic stop.

However, if you have a firearm in the car – no matter how good your intentions – it can add even more anxiety to the situation.

However, the most important thing to do is not panic!

Of course, the legalities will differ depending on what state you’re in, but we’ll give you some general advice.

Pullover to the right, far enough that the officer is able to approach your vehicle with plenty of space between them and the oncoming traffic.

Then turn off your engine, roll down your window and place your hands on the steering wheel.

Officers are trained to watch your hands, and showing that your hands are empty is a reassuring sign.

Try not to make any sudden movements, and stay still. 

As the officer approaches your window they will probably ask you a question or tell you to do something.

This is when you can calmly inform them that you are carrying a concealed handgun and have a permit for it.

Talk them through what you’re doing, so they can be reassured you’re complying with them.

In some states, you are allowed to keep your gun in a glove box, and you may want to show your insurance card if you have it, as well as your registration.

Let the officer know you have a permit, where your gun is, and then ask the officer what they would like you to do next.

In some states, you must show your permit or license at the same time you hand over your driver’s license.

Then would be a good time to let the officer know you have a firearm in the car.

Always make sure that when you inform the officer you have a firearm they can see your hands and that you don’t sound threatening.

For example, saying “I have a gun,” may escalate the situation, whereas saying “I have a license to carry, and I am carrying a handgun in a holster on my dash,” may help defuse the situation.

Final Thoughts

If you carry a firearm and often bring it with you when you drive, then you should definitely consider buying a car holster.

Not only do they save you money and time, but they can also save lives.

After all, the main reason we carry firearms is so that we can protect ourselves and those around us.

However, when you have a firearm you are responsible for storing it safely, and being able to use it effectively.

We hope that in our above picks you have found the right car holster for you!

Cody Martin

With over 18 years of federal law enforcement, training, and physical security experience, Cody focuses his time nowadays on both consulting and training. He regularly advises individuals, groups, multinational corporations, schools, houses of worship, and NGOs on security threats while conducting customized training as needed.

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