Can You Conceal Carry in a Casino?

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Considering the fact that casinos have thousands or millions of dollars in cash, they are prime targets for armed robberies.

Of course, many casinos have robust security to keep their assets and customers safe; however, we all know that security may not always be there right when you need it. 

If you choose to conceal carry in a casino, the legality really depends on your jurisdiction and the venue itself.

For example, in Nevada you are allowed to open or conceal carry in any casino in the state; however, since the casino is a private business, they do have the right to refuse your entry and even trespass you.

The reality is that each situation is different, and if you choose to conceal carry while spending a night on the town, you should check with each casino you are visiting prior to attempting entry with a concealed firearm.

Additionally, each state is different and may have its own laws related to concealed carry in casinos.

If you are curious about different state laws and circumstances regarding concealed carry in casinos, or the possession of other weapons, the rest of this article will explore those answers.

Each state is different and will have different laws related to whether you can or cannot conceal carry in a casino. 

Are firearms allowed in casinos?

It depends on what state you are in, and that particular casino’s rules.

Some states will allow people to conceal carry in their casinos, while others may completely prohibit concealed carry in any building where gambling occurs.

For example, in Florida, it is completely prohibited to carry a concealed firearm into any venue in which gambling is occurring. 

However, compared to Nevada, you can conceal carry in a casino, unless that casino expressly forbids it and asks you to leave or disarm.

If your firearm is not concealed and an employee notices, they may ask you to leave or disarm.

Refusing to leave could result in being trespassed, which would cause legal consequences for you.

It is advisable to check with each casino before you visit to ensure you can conceal carry while visiting.

If you are not allowed, you can revise your trip or see if another self-defense weapon can be carried. 

Can you carry a knife in a casino?

Similar to firearms and state laws, this is also dependent on each location’s unique set of laws.

Generally, you can carry a pocketknife into a casino; however, depending on your state you should research what type of knife is allowed.

For example, in Nevada, you can carry a knife into a casino; however, the blade cannot exceed three inches.

Additionally, depending on the state, there may be different requirements as it relates to the length of the blade, and whether the knife has a foldable blade or a fixed blade.

Whenever you are entering a casino, they will likely have a sign indicating whether weapons are allowed.

If the sign says “No firearms allowed,” then you can likely carry a knife so long as no state laws are being violated.

If the sign reads, “No weapons allowed,” then a knife would fall under that category and would be prohibited. 

Can you carry a firearm into a casino hotel?

This is also dependent on the individual privately owned venue.

There may be casinos that expressly prohibit firearm possession in just the casino, but may allow your firearm into your hotel room.

Or, there may be hotels that prohibit carrying a firearm in either space.

If a casino does not expressly prohibit the possession of a firearm, and the state’s laws allow you to carry, then you may carry that firearm.

In order to avoid headaches or unpleasant conversations with hotel employees, it may still be wise to call your casino destination ahead of your planned trip to ensure you are following their rules.


Can I conceal carry in a casino in Vegas?

  • YES – As long as you have a concealed carry permit and the casino does not prohibit firearm possession.

Can I conceal carry in a casino in Texas?

  • YES – As long as the casino does not prohibit firearm possession.

Can I conceal carry in a casino in Michigan?

Can I conceal carry in a casino in Ohio?

  • YES – However, according to Ohio Section 2923.121, you cannot possess a firearm in any room or location in which any person is consuming beer or alcohol. Considering how often alcohol is associated with casinos, this may become a challenge to overcome for most people who wish to carry inside a casino. Additionally, casinos in Ohio may generally prohibit people from entering while possessing a weapon. 


We recognize that casinos are enticing targets for criminals who are looking for a big cash grab.

We also recognize that even though the casino may have security staff, they cannot be everywhere at once.

The best way to ensure your safety, and the safety of your friends and family, is to carry your own personal firearm.

However, when doing so, it is vital you followed the rules and laws that govern firearm possession in a casino.

If you want to carry a firearm into a casino, it is best to check with the casino first.

These are private businesses that may set and enforce their own rules as it relates to firearm possessions in their facilities.

Some places, depending on state laws, may be able to legally enforce their “No Weapons Allowed” sign, whereas others may simply ask you to leave.

The above information is not legal advice, and if you are having challenges when it comes to the legality of possessing a firearm, you should contact an attorney. 

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