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When someone mentions preparedness, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it prepping, the end of the world, the apocalypse…or, does it simply mean being in a state of readiness for whatever life throws at you? We believe preparedness is having the knowledge, skills, ability, and gear to handle life in a way that builds confidence and peace of mind. This isn’t about doom and gloom, it’s about getting out and living life to the fullest.

What is a Get Home Bag (GHB)?

In emergency scenarios, your best choice may be to bug-in to your home and wait for the disaster to pass, but do you have the tools to get home in such an emergency? A get home bag may just be the option for you.

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Do Tubular Lockpicks work?

Tubular locks can be intimidating and leave many new to the hobby with questions. Let’s break down these how these cores work to help better understand how you can effectively bypass tubular locks.

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Is HAM Radio Traceable?

A HAM radio can serve as a great option when traditional lines of communication start going down, but can you rely on them for security, or is a HAM radio likely to give away your position? Let’s find out how easily a HAM system can be traced and some of the steps you can take to protect against it.

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What Is Urban Survival?

You are in the middle of a big city when the unthinkable happens, disaster strikes. Now fear and panic rule the crowded streets. Rule of Law has gone to the wayside. In the shadow of all this chaos, you have precious little time to act before the storm is upon you. Are you prepared?

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Do Chemlights Expire?

Chemlights, also known as tactical light sticks and glow sticks, are an effective way to keep a self-contained source of light on hand for emergency and survival situations. As such, being aware of their expiration date is crucial.

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What Lock Pick Set Should I Buy?

Finding a good lock picking set can quickly become overwhelming with a range of tools all claiming to be the best, while often providing very little evidence. Here, we hope to cut past the marketing to truly help you build a strong and capable lock picking set.

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