MARATAC Keychain Lighters: Split Pea and Peanut Lighter Review

maratac split pea lighter

Here is a quick side-by-side of the two MARATAC lighter options:

Split Pea
Height1.3″ (H)1.89″ (H)
Diameter0.5″ (D)0.5″ (D)
Weight0.65 oz2.5 oz
IncludeSpare o-ring, spare flintSpare o-ring, spare flint
maratac split pea in stainless steel and brass and a maratac peanut in stainless steel
The Peanut lighter is over .5″ taller than the Split Pea.

An incredibly small production lighter, the Split Pea and Peanut lighters can prove to be a contributing piece of kit for anyone’s everyday carry (EDC).

maratac split pea in stainless steel
The stainless steel Split Pea comes with a spare o-ring and spare flint.

The stainless steel Split Pea (above) and stainless steel Peanut are both constructed out of 300 Series Stainless Steel and is topped off with an attachment point housing a tiny split ring. It’s 1.3” tall, not including the split ring, and measures .5” in diameter. 

The stainless steel Split Pea weighs 0.65 oz and the stainless steel Peanut weighs 0.95 oz.

This entire lighter family has a threaded, screw-on cap that snugs up on a rubber o-ring. The inclusion of the o-ring ensures a watertight fit that helps fights fuel evaporation. Each lighter comes with an additional o-ring and flint.

maratac split pea in brass
The solid brass Split Pea is identical to its stainless steel version, just made out of different case material.

The Split Pea above is constructed out of solid brass. Identical in every other way from its stainless steel variation, the brass also weighs 0.65 oz.

maratac split pea in stainless steel
The MARATAC lighter can be used as a back-up fire starter.

The bottom of both lighters is flat, allowing it to stand up if need be. With that feature, it can easily serve as a hands-free source of light in a pinch.

maratac split pea in stainless steel
Stainless steel Split Pea shown with (a well used) Zippo Lighter Fluid.

The functionality of the MARATAC lighter family is very similar to Zippo-type lighters in that it utilizes a wick and flint striker wheel. 

To fill with lighter fluid, just remove the tubular insert by pulling it out (it doesn’t screw). The insert is filled with cotton, which is what holds the fuel. Put the fluid directly onto the cotton ball (do not fill the base of the lighter). Once the cotton ball is soaked with your choice of lighter fluid, put it back into the base of the lighter and you’re set.

maratac split pea in stainless steel
MARATAC’s lighters are a great choice for adding multiple fire-starting options to your survival or EDC kit.

The size and weight of the Split Pea or Peanut lighter makes it a viable candidate for anyone’s EDC and it can work its way into a number of setups. It can be used for everyday tasks, the occasional chore or in an emergency.

The MARATAC Split Pea shown in a Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer
The MARATAC Split Pea shown in a Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer.

Each lighter can easily be stashed in a backpack, purse, briefcase or EDC organizer. The small split ring also allows it to be attached to a zipper pull for quick and easy access.

The MARATAC Split Pea compared to a quarter
The MARATAC Split Pea is 1.3″ tall; shown here for a quarter for comparison.

Keep in mind, neither lighter has a shroud or guard to surround the flint and wick. This makes it more susceptible to wind and it can tend to blow out in windy situations.

empty maratac split pea container
Shown with the insert removed and gives unlimited options to store items in a small, water-tight container.

One last feature that demonstrates the utilitarian nature of the Split Pea or Peanut lighter is its ability to serve as a pill fob. Simply unscrew the cap and pull out the lighter insert. You now have a watertight, airtight container that is compact and can go with you anywhere.

maratac peanut lighter
The MARATAC Peanut lighter.

Whether you want the super-compact Split Pea or you need something a little more robust and that can hold more fuel like the Peanut Lighter, MARATAC’s lighters are a great option to add to your EDC.

What do you use as a back-up fire starter?

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