Maxpedition Entity Backpack EDC Test and Review

There are plenty of EDC backpacks out there and for those that carry one, you know it can be your best friend in many situations. You could be escaping potential disaster in an urban area, or maybe just need a snack or quick drink of water.

Some EDC backpacks also come in handy if you conceal carry. With these specific packs, you can have your pistol, extra ammo, and other necessities with you at all times, in an organized fashion.

We’ll be taking a look at an EDC backpack today that may provide some benefit in a variety of situations. The Maxpedition Entity Backpack may be a solid choice for you depending on what specifically you are looking for in an EDC backpack.

We’ll be looking at each feature and explain them in detail shortly. We’ve also put this to the test to see if it can handle the various situations life throws your way.

Let’s dig into it!

About The Maxpedition Entity

Maxpedition has been in the game since 2003. Since then, they have designed and manufactured a wide variety of quality backpacks, slings, organizers, and other gear. They have their bases covered for those who want plenty of storage space for their EDC tools and even their water bottles.

When it comes to the Entity, one of the things that makes this backpack stand out is that it has the look and design of a regular, run of the mill, backpack. If you are in a “Gray Man” situation where being inconspicuous is the objective, this backpack will serve you well in almost any situation where you need to blend in. It looks like any ordinary backpack that you see carried by a student on pretty much any campus.

Most EDC backpacks would be stating the obvious in some ways (for example, the inclusion of Molle webbing for attaching extra pouches and various EDC items).

However, the Maxpedition Entity doesn’t look like a military or tactical style bag in any way. If blending into the crowd is what you’re aiming to do, this bag has you covered.

The Entity is available in five different sizes (measured in liters). You can choose between the 16, 19, 21, 27, and 35-liter options. The more stuff you plan on carrying, the larger you’ll want the size. Be mindful to not overload as it’s always beneficial to have some extra space for the random things you may need to throw in.

What’s Included?

 Maxpedition Entity 21 (featured model)
Weight2.65 lbs.
Material500-Denier Kodra™ fabric
Street Price$126.19

The Maxpedition Entity is made with 500-Denier Kodra™ fabric. This is the kind of material that has proven its durability in the field. The strength to weight ratio is on par if not exceeds, most comparable materials in the market. Sure enough, this backpack is durable and will handle whatever you have loaded inside while offering ample protection.

Not only that, but this material is water-resistant. So if you are moving around when nature doesn’t give you favorable weather conditions, everything inside this backpack has a good chance of staying dry. Keep in mind, it’s not waterproof, but I have found it to provide ample protection.

The shoulder straps are double-stitched and allow for even distribution of weight. This is really important on the larger models as the overall weight starts to climb.

You will also have two main compartments, one of them will for your gear and the other can hold either a laptop or tablet.

While it has a sternum strap so you can attach it to the front, you’ll want to use this sparingly. That’s because it could hinder your ability to access your pistol. Speaking of which, that’s what the large pockets in the back are for.

The inside of the concealment compartment is lined with velcro, which creates a very modular platform when utilizing velcro back holsters and pouches.

If you want quick access to your pistols, it is highly recommended that you wear one strap on your shoulder and leave the sternum strap unclipped. Be mindful of the hand you draw and shoot with so you know which strap to drop for easier access.

What we’ve discovered

Upon testing this out, we were quite happy with a few things. But we also saw some areas where the backpack could improve. Here’s what we’ve discovered during our initial test:

  • It may be tough to get to the CCW compartment because of the step you need to take by unzipping the pocket itself. If you are in immediate danger, the additional time needed to access your weapon could be a deal-breaker. Keep in mind, using any concealment backpack is going to be slower than carrying on the body.
  • If you go for Entity 21, it will have a smaller profile. If you want something large, you can always make the move up to the 27 or the 35. The 21 might be a little tight around your body depending on your overall frame.
  • You’ll want to pack things neatly so it’s not uncomfortable to wear. There may be some tools that may stick out and lump if placed in certain pockets or next to you back. You may consider placing smaller tools in the outer pockets as opposed to the main compartments.
  • If you are somewhere in the neighborhood of six feet or more in height, the shoulder straps might be a little tighter than expected. This may not be the case for some, but for a couple of us, we thought that the shoulder straps were a bit too snug for our liking.

Why should you choose this backpack?

Considering its upsides and downsides, this is still a backpack that we would recommend. Especially if you are looking for something for the purpose of storing EDC items and allowing concealed carry. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider purchasing this:

It’s subtle

If you are in a situation and don’t want to be easily spotted, this is a backpack that meets that criteria. It easily blends in with the crowd in most situations. You’ll look like someone who is en route to the office or class with a backpack like this.

Excellent durability

This pack should be more than durable enough to handle some basic use. The materials provide more than adequate protection against normal wear and tear while keeping the contents organized and secure. The water resistance is a nice touch as well.

Plenty of space

You’ll want your EDC bag to have plenty of room for your necessities while not loading you down. Don’t confuse that with the idea of having to get every EDC tool under the sun. A first aid kit, extra ammo, a pistol, a knife, and even some emergency gear will be sufficient….or, maybe none of the above if you desire.

Accommodates concealed carry

If you conceal carry, there is no denying that you’ll want to take full advantage of the concealment compartment. No one will know you’re carrying, which is name of the game. Plus, you’ll have plenty of other gear handy for the normal, everyday stuff.

Final Thoughts

The Maxpedition Entity Backpack will work well for a lot of folks. It’s durable, water-resistant nylon makes this a solid option in a lot of environments On top of that, it provides users with plenty of storage space to carry the things that get you through your day.

The 21 is a good size for those who want a good balance balance between too much gear and just enough. However, this is totally subjective.

With all this being said, it this the pack for you? How does it stack up against the competition? Take a look at this article on the 5 Best Concealed Carry Backpacks for EDC, to see how it compares.

Cody Martin

With over 18 years of federal law enforcement, training, and physical security experience, Cody focuses his time nowadays on both consulting and training. He regularly advises individuals, groups, multinational corporations, schools, houses of worship, and NGOs on security threats while conducting customized training as needed.

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