POWERADD PRO Power Bank 20,000 mAH Review: Worth Your Money?


Charging our devices on the go has become as essential as the gadgets themselves. Amid the plethora of options, the POWERADD PRO 65W Power Bank stands out for its commendable capacity and fast charging abilities.

Recently, we had the chance to put this portable charger through its paces during a family trip, and we were eager to see if it lived up to the hype.

It’s capable of juicing up a MacBook Air and simultaneously powering up an iPhone with surprising speed thanks to its dual USB-C and single USB-A ports.

The robust 20000mAh battery meant our phones and laptops were far from dying at any point during the trip, making it a reliable companion for long getaways.

We were particularly impressed by how the gadget maintained a cool temperature regardless of operating at high output rates.


Compatibility hasn’t been an issue either; the power bank worked seamlessly with various devices, from smartwatches to tablets.

Although it’s a bit on the heavier side, the built-in safety features give us peace of mind, making it clear that this power bank is designed with both performance and protection in mind.

Bottom Line

We’ve found the POWERADD PRO Laptop Power Bank to be a solid choice for anyone in need of keeping their devices charged on the move.

It offers considerable charging speed and capacity, all while ensuring your devices are safe with its comprehensive safety features.

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Overview of the POWERADD PRO Laptop Power Bank

POWERADD PRO charging cable

The POWERADD PRO’s ability to deliver fast charging with its high-output USB-C port has been a game-changer, especially when you’re pressed to get your device charged.

The versatility is impressive—the power bank comes with multiple ports that allow charging up to three devices simultaneously.

We found it delivers on its promise of speed, significantly cutting down the time it takes to boost a MacBook Pro or an iPad compared to conventional chargers.

On the go, its large capacity was sufficient to keep our smartphones and laptops powered through a busy day.

And though it’s robust enough to handle several devices, its weight and design make it portable enough to slip into our bags without much fuss.

Safety features didn’t go unnoticed either, as the intelligent chip inside ensures our devices are protected from potential charging hazards.

While this power bank might not be on the lighter side compared to some other options, its performance and compatibility make it a worthwhile trade-off.

Fast 65W USB-C Charging

In our experience, the POWERADD PRO Power Bank truly stands out in its charging efficiency. Its 65W USB-C output boasts enough power to rapidly charge a MacBook Air or similar devices without breaking a sweat.

For anyone who juggles multiple gadgets, the convenience is noticeable. We’ve found that it refills a drained iPhone with impressive speed, and even offers a quick boost to a more demanding iPad or a portable gaming device like the Switch.

The bank’s 20000mAh capacity reinforces the notion of reliable on-the-go charging for extended periods.

A laptop in desperate need of juice can be brought back to life, notably decreasing downtime during crucial moments.

While carrying around this power bank, the peace of mind that comes with knowing our devices won’t suddenly run out of power is arguably its strongest suit.

Despite the robust output, the power bank maintains a relatively compact form, making it a suitable companion for daily commutes or travel.

Its USB-C and USB-A ports cater to a broad range of devices, facilitating a versatile charging solution. The lack of cumbersome weight, just over a pound, enhances the portability.

Keep in mind, though, that high-capacity charging solutions like this one do come with a bit more heft than their lower-capacity counterparts.

Take note, durability, and charge retention are important factors, and as users, we’ve noticed no issues in these areas – the PRO proves to be a reliable gadget over time.

Its straightforward functionality does away with unnecessary complications, fitting snugly into a busy lifestyle.

While the power bank doesn’t innovate outside of its rapid charging capabilities, it certainly delivers on its promise of speed and reliability.

High-Capacity 20000mAh Battery


As mentioned above, the device’s large capacity and ability to fast charge with a 65W output has been a game-changer.

We did notice that the power bank itself takes a while to recharge completely, which is to be expected given its capacity.

Built-In Safety Features

Throughout our use of the POWERADD PRO power bank, we found peace of mind to be a significant part of its design.

We often worry about the safety of our devices while charging, but this power bank addresses those concerns with a robust safety system.

It’s equipped with an intelligent identification chip that effectively gauges what’s connected and adjusts accordingly, a crucial feature for anyone who juggles between multiple gadgets.

The safety mechanisms don’t stop there. We were particularly impressed by the advanced preventative measures for common battery-related mishaps.

The power bank protects against overheating, overcurrent, over-discharge, overvoltage, and even short circuits. In an era of devices that are as powerful as they are sensitive, these features are indispensable.

Our experience tells us that the POWERADD PRO doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to safety.

Each charge cycle went off without a hitch, reinforcing our trust in the power bank to not only power our devices efficiently but also safeguard them — and us — from potential charging hazards.

Pros and Cons


Again, after spending some quality time with the POWERADD PRO power bank, we’ve come to appreciate its robust charging capabilities.

Its 65W PD Type-C output is a game-changer, offering rapid charging that brought our MacBook Pro from empty to 50% in roughly half an hour. This pace is ideal when you’re in a rush and need that quick power boost.

The unit’s three outputs are perfect for charging multiple devices simultaneously. It’s especially handy for days when our collection of tech – phones, tablets, smartwatches – all demand a little extra juice.

The power bank doesn’t just deliver power; it does it efficiently and faster than many competitors we’ve encountered.

Speaking of efficiency, the 20000mAh capacity means running out of power is a problem of the past. This capacity equates to multiple charges for our everyday devices, making it invaluable on business trips or when a power outlet is out of reach.

Its universal compatibility has proven to be a significant plus. We’ve successfully charged everything from iPhones and Galaxy devices to a Nintendo Switch without a hitch. And as far as travel goes, it’s TSA-friendly, so it’s been a constant companion on our flights.

Safety is paramount with any electronic device, and the POWERADD PRO doesn’t disappoint, ensuring our devices are secure from any power-related mishaps with its built-in safety features.


While it’s hard to overlook the power bank’s impressive charging prowess, it isn’t without its drawbacks.

It’s a tad on the bulkier side – an understandable trade-off given its high capacity, but something to consider if you prefer more lightweight, streamlined gadgets.

Also, we missed having a more comprehensive user manual. The one included was sufficient, but for tech enthusiasts who enjoy delving into the specifics, a more detailed guide would have improved the experience.


After extensive use, it’s clear that the POWERADD PRO power bank is a versatile and convenient accessory for anyone frequently on the move.

Its ability to charge a variety of devices, from MacBooks to smartphones, with a quite substantial 20000mAh capacity makes it a reliable companion. The 65W USB-C fast charging output is impressive, providing a quick power boost when time is of the essence.

The device does come with some heft, which is noticeable when carrying it around, but it’s compact enough to stow away in a backpack or carry-on, adhering to TSA regulations.

Overall, for the price point, the POWERADD PRO offers great functionality. We’re particularly taken with the fast charging capability that keeps us connected to our essential devices, even during the busiest days.

While there are always improvements that can be made with any device, this power bank stands out as a solid choice for tech-savvy individuals in need of a power source on the go.

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