VERTX Defiance Jeans Review – Personal Experience

VERTX Defiance Tactical Jeans

The VERTX Defiance Tactical Jeans may be the pair for you if you are someone that finds themselves in a variety of situations requiring a casual look, great mobility, and increased “gear carrying” capacity.

Or, if you want a pair of jeans that will be super durable while providing you with numerous pockets for all the gear you need on a daily basis. In this review, will be taking a detailed look at these jeans and discuss some of the best features that come with them.

A pair of jeans made from highly breathable fabric that can dry fast may seem unheard of. But once you try on a pair of these, you will wonder where these jeans have been your whole life.

For the record, I purchased the Defiance Jeans, as well as the Delta Stretch 2.1 Pants, Grip Pants, and Cutback Technical Pants so I could provide real user-generated reviews and a comparison of the 4 styles.

As mentioned above, this general review is all about the VERTX Defiance Tactical Jeans. If you want to check out each individual review, just click on the respective line below. If you want to check out the comparison article, please click here.

If you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans for EDC, keep reading.



  • 11 pockets keep essential items handy and organized
  • Deep front pockets are made of soft highly-breathable mesh
  • Watch pocket in right front pocket
  • Front pockets have a pass-through slot for comms lead or a RATS tourniquet
  • Dual angled rear yoke pockets fit standard smart phones and rifle mags
  • Wallet traps in both rear pockets keep wallet or passport secure
  • 4 mini stash pockets let you pre-load key items from 1.75 to 2 inches long
  • Keyring and lanyard anchor point in both front pockets
  • Concealed DropLoop pass-through in each belt loop for flexible restraints or reinforced tether points for lanyards or gear


  • Relaxed fit is comfortable and allows free movement
  • Articulated knees enable dynamic mobility and prevent cuff creep when sitting
  • Full gusseted crotch allows greater range of motion
  • Brass YKK® locking zipper
  • 8 belt loops are 0.5-inch wide and fit up to 1.75-inch belts
  • Boot-friendly cuffs
  • All heavy-wear seams are double-stitched
  • Bar tacks or brass rivets at critical stress points

Fabric and Technology

  • Stretch 10.5-ounce 71% cotton/4% polyester/7% Modal/17% Coolmax®/1% Lycra®
  • Pre-washed for comfortable feel and natural appearance
  • COOLMAX: Stay cool, dry and comfortable in hot weather or while being active. Never washes out.


What do They Offer?

VERTX Defiance Tactical Jeans

There are plenty of features that we’ll be more than happy to cover. What makes these jeans so much better than a standard pair of Levi’s or another comparable brand? Let’s have a look.

Eleven Pockets in Total

There are usually five pockets in a standard pair of jeans. In comparison, the Defiance Jeans have eleven in total. These pockets offer unique storage/carrying solutions for keeping all your gear organized and accessible.

You’ll know where everything is and be able to grab it if and when you need it.

Whether it’s EDC tools, small work tools, medical gear, or some other essential item, you’ll have everything in your pockets and stored in a dedicated place.

Keep in mind, some of the pockets are a little more unique and will rarely or never be used. That’s okay. You have the options in case you ever need them.

Others will be used all the time and will offer expanded carry options, especially compared to typical jeans.

If you need something to store your phone or extra rifle magazines, you get rear yoke pockets that will give you more than enough space to easily store them.

You’ll feel like you have more pockets than you know what to do with, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially since they are designed in an inconspicuous way.

How are They Built?

Sure, a standard pair of jeans are typically durable. These are no different, and I would argue, they offer more durability. With flexibility, mobility, and gear in mind, they are designed in a way that helps to eliminate stress points. This helps to ensure a longer life.

The VERTX Defiance Jeans go against the standard expectations of jeans and allows you plenty of movement while staying comfortable.

At the same time, the critical stress points are fastened by bar tacks or brass rivets. This means you won’t have to worry about these pants ripping apart easily due to hard use.

If you hate getting what is known as ‘cuff creep’ from a pair of jeans, the VERTX Defiance Jeans will prevent this from happening while you are sitting down. This is partly due to knee cleats and a gusseted crotch.

You get a total of eight belt loops that are wide enough to fit belts up to 1.75 inches wide. This is perfect if you have a handful of belts of different sizes. The placement of these pockets is spot on and they lend themselves to concealed carry, especially AIWB.

Finally, the heavy seam wear is double-stitched to ensure better durability. You get toughness and the freedom to move no matter if you are walking the street or navigating through rough terrain.


These jeans are made from fabric that is a mix of cotton, polyester, Modal, Lycra, and Coolmax. The Coolmax technology ensures that you stay cool and dry in warm and humid weather conditions. This Coolmax never washes out, so you can be able to wear these jeans no matter how hot it gets.

Who says you have to wear shorts? If you get them wet, they’ll be able to dry more quickly compared to regular jeans. I can vouch for this based on personal experience.

They do seem to breath better than standard jeans and they definitely dry quicker. Keep in mind, in extremely hot and humid environments, pants are still pants. But, they do perform really well compared to the alternatives.


I’m 6’2″ and about 190 lbs., and I wear a 33×34 in this style. I wish they were a hair longer in the inseam (like the Delta Stretch), but a 36″ inseam would probably be too much.

The waist is comfortable and I can wear these without a belt if I choose. However, when I carry AIWB, I find no discomfort at all. The stretch and flexibility make the fit of these jeans spot on.

Pros and Cons

Now that you know some of the features and what makes these pants stand out, let’s look at some of the pros and cons. These are based on what previous buyers were happy with and what could improve. Let’s start with the pros:


Breathable Mesh Pockets

These jeans offer breathable mesh pockets, which not only help keep you cooler but also lighten the overall weight and feel of these jeans. And they offer enough stretch to accommodate your gear while maintaining a nice range of motion.

Keeps You Cool, Even in Hot Weather

Whether it’s 100 degrees and humid in the South or if you are in the dry heat of the desert, these jeans will help you keep cool. I know…everything is relative. This is based on someone in North Central Texas in August.

Excellent Durability

If you want superior durability compared to standard jeans, the fabric and the construction of jeans like these are more than enough. Since they are designed with movement in mind, the typical stress points are way less likely to succumb to heavy use. I have not noticed any weak spots to date.

Perfect for Casual Dress, Work, or EDC

Whether you’re on the job or on the move, you have a pair of jeans that will be perfect for work or a subdued tactical environment. It’s nice to have the gear you need while looking casual and having the ability to move as needed.

In intense work or other environments, the last thing you want to deal with is limited mobility.

CoolMax Doesn’t Wash Off

If you like the Coolmax feature, the good news is that it won’t wash off every time you run it through the washer and dryer. This is a feature that is supposed to have a long life, and I have not been able to test this as of this writing.


Some Say the Cut Could Be More Relaxed

Some have complained about the lack of room in the ankle and calf areas. The amount of space they want would be found in a standard pair of relaxed cut jeans. That could be a potential improvement.

I find this to be true for the most part. They do seem to have a slight taper and fit slightly tighter than the Delta Stretch 2.1, which is something to keep in mind. I have not found them to be restricting in any way, but body types vary and your mileage may vary.


In regards to color, there are only 4 options…Dark Stone Wash, Dark Wash, Sandstorm, Black Heart Wash.

VERTX Defiance Tactical Jeans
Dark Wash on the left and Dark Stone Wash on the right.

I find Dark Stone Wash and Dark Wash to be very, very similar. Next time I will probably just go with the “slightly” darker Dark Wash and call it good.

Are These Jeans Worth It?

If you are looking for a pair of jeans that exceed expectations and puts your standard pair to shame, then yes, these jeans are worth buying.

They are comfortable, tough, and perfect for anyone looking for a casual jean look, increased mobility and comfort, and a variety of carrying options.

I am extremely pleased with these jeans and they are a solid contender in my normal rotation. These jeans are great to wear every day or when you need something to carry your EDC tools while you are on the move.

If you are still on the fence, be sure to check out our side-by-side comparison article by clicking here.

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