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No matter what your needs, Vertx has always been there to provide high-quality affordable gear and the newly released Go Pack is no different.  

While it lacks the organization of some of their other packs, it is designed in such a way to provide you with the daily essentials in as discrete a way as possible.

It isn’t a perfect solution, but for the man on the go, it’s hard to find a bag quite like the Go Pack.

Who is VERTX?

Vertx first made its debut into the EDC world all the way back in 2009, aiming to produce low-profile gear built for comfort and performance (Vertx). 

Since then, they’ve continued to iterate with yearly releases refining their lineup to fit the needs of gray men all around the world.

Whether it be for concealed carry in your daily life, covert operations, or simply a relaxing weekend away, Vertx has an option for everyone.

What truly sets Vertx apart from other suppliers is their focus on providing quick access to a firearm (ranging in size from sub-compact pistols to SBRs), while still maintaining a gray man appearance.  

Unlike other “covert” gear, from suppliers, Vertx bags are designed to feel at home in almost any urban center around the world while still holding up to the challenges of the wilderness.  

No matter what you are looking for from your bag, Vertx undoubtedly has something to fit your needs so let’s get into the details and see if the Go Pack may just be the bag for you.

The Vertx Go Pack Overview

Gray men and those with a mindset of preparedness typically have a habit of choosing gear to fit their bag, as opposed to finding a bag to fit the needs of their gear.

It’s an easy habit to develop but can lead us to overload ourselves, carrying supplies we will likely never need, and worst of all, giving away our tactical edge to those around us.

The Vertx Go Pack, coming in at just under $50 on Amazon and $55.99 at, aims to resolve this issue by giving you just enough storage capacity to meet the bare essentials.

Vertx Go Pack, Outdoor Backpack with Drawstring for Tactical Hiking Camping EDC Gear, Travel Essentials, Packable Lightweight Day Pack, or Gym Bag, It’s Black
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BACKPACK - The Lightweight fabric of the daypack and the packable design allows for quick storage on the go
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - The Go Pack backpack for women or men features a contoured air-mesh harness that distributes weight evenly across the shoulders for easier all-day wear and added durability
  • SHOVE IT TACTICAL POUCH - The packable backpack has an exterior shove-it pouch, when discretion is key, a jacket or towel can quickly be stowed away
  • VERTX TACTIGAMI COMPATIBLE - Optimized for organization, our travel bags are compatible with Tactigami and other hook-and-loop accessories for customized concealed carry
  • FAST ACCESS TO TACTICAL GEAR - The foldable backpack has a spring-loaded closure system releasing the drawstring with a pull, for fast access to gear

Its basic construction gives you a very limited amount of organization, while still providing plenty of room for any gear you need to keep on your person.

The basic layout of the pack includes a large drawstring compartment with a front pocket located at the front of the bag for smaller items that you likely require rapid access to, such as a wallet or medical kit.

This form, not overly dissimilar from a drawstring gym bag, makes the pack incredibly lightweight at only .75lbs however continues to live up to the quality we have come to love from Vertx with wide shoulder straps for added comfort and a 210D nylon shell for extra durability and water resistance.

Ultimately, the bag embodies the idea of simplicity without compromising on the reliability we demand from our EDC equipment, which is only exemplified by the hidden features loaded into the Go Pack.

What Makes the Go Pack Special?

Vertx bags come loaded with hidden compartments and secrets to set them apart from other bags on the market. 

While it’s true the Go Pack is a more barebones pack, it still includes many of the hidden features you can come to expect from the company.  

The first and most noticeable way this is included in the Go Pack comes in the form of a velcro lining included in the main interior compartment.

This is designed to integrate with their line-up of Tactigami pouches, offering you almost infinite amounts of organization.

Not only does this panel work well with their own Tactigami, but almost any velcro-backed accessory will work well in this role.

Secondly, the smaller anterior pocket we previously discussed has a secondary role not apparent to someone new to Vertx.  

As this bag is big enough to accommodate an SBR, Vertx has designed the front pocket to be large enough to fit a T-shirt or even a small towel.

While this may not seem like a significant design feature, this means you can easily pad out the bag without any additional cost to limit your weapon from printing.

Vertx didn’t need to do this, especially as the muted color options of the bag and still exterior fabric already go a long way to limit printing, but it just goes to demonstrate how much Vertx cares about functional design.

It’s a small design feature, but if you regularly carry an SBR or are even an off-body pistol and want to keep it better concealed, it is undoubtedly one that will be much appreciated.

Is the Vertx Go Pack Right for You?

The Go Pack is an excellent bag in its own right, however, that does not mean it will excel in every possible role.

Its lack of organization means that individuals looking to carry a large amount of gear in their EDC, such as in a work bag, may be disappointed in the bag.

This can be mitigated to some extent with third-party accessories, such as those from Maxpedition; however, for quick access to your gear, there are much better alternatives out there.

More importantly, the lightweight construction of the bag (including its lightweight shoulder straps), again makes it extremely uncomfortable for carrying a significant amount of weight.

This essentially rules out the bag for an emergency pack in most scenarios.

Instead, the Go Pack is much better suited for someone looking for a secondary bag to be used in conjunction with a primary EDC bag or emergency kit.

Its ability to collapse and easily stow makes it ideal for keeping in your main pack to deploy later should you ever need to stow additional items on the road.  

Alternatively, it’s great as a travel bag, where you may be looking to simply keep a jacket, water bottle, and a few EDC items. In this role, it makes for an excellent addition to your kit.

Even as a gym bag, the Go Pack is an excellent option as you can easily store an entire set of clothes and shoes in the bag while still being able to retain your firearm in a secure holster during your workout.

The ability to stow an SBR in the bag is a nice addition; however, the drawstring opening mechanism dramatically slows your access to the bag so for real-world use it makes much more sense to keep only the essentials in the bag.


For anyone looking for a minimalist gym bag built to survive the challenges of daily life, the Go Pack from Vertx is unquestionably a great option. 

Its water-resistant construction, gray man appearance, and secure closing mechanism give it the edge over any competition on the market right now, even when compared against other top brands.  

Despite its quality and amazing design, the concealed carry capability of this bag (while appreciated) seems to only be applicable to a very few niche scenarios.

For those of us considering EDCing an SBR or even off-body carrying a CCW, other bags such as the Vertx Gamut or Commuter provide a much more reliable method of storage with rapid access and more importantly a better means of distributing weight.  

In situations where you are looking to travel with a minimalist loadout, the Go Pack may just be the bag for you; however, for those of us looking for a one size fits all solution to carrying our gear, the Go Pack leaves much to be desired and that’s okay. 

Vertx offers an immense range of other bags on the market (including the Ready Pack we’ve previously reviewed) so if the Go Pack leaves you wanting more, they likely have an alternative.

Cody Martin

With over 18 years of federal law enforcement, training, and physical security experience, Cody focuses his time nowadays on both consulting and training. He regularly advises individuals, groups, multinational corporations, schools, houses of worship, and NGOs on security threats while conducting customized training as needed.

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