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Do you want to lower the risk of something bad happening to you and the people around you? Learn how to change your mindset, have the right gear, the proper training, and make small changes to improve your personal and home security.

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Terrorist Hotel Attacks – Should I be concerned?

Ever so often, the media hits us with a tragic story of a terrorist attack on a hotel in some distant international location. As Americans, we are mostly insulated from this particular type of threat. However, that doesn’t mean it does not exist. In fact, it does exist and the incidents tend to be pretty grand in nature.

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International Escape and Evasion (E&E)

Why would the phrase Escape and Evade ever cross your mind when traveling abroad? If you find yourself asking this question, you have a valid reason. Most people never need to worry about this phrase. It’s not like we are living in some sort of Hollywood spy movie. However, there are some folks that do. Let’s elaborate.

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Urban Escape and Evasion…are you ready?

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