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Do you want to lower the risk of something bad happening to you and the people around you? Learn how to change your mindset, have the right gear, the proper training, and make small changes to improve your personal and home security.

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Travel Planning – Emergency Communication

Communication is something most of us take for granted. We seamlessly transition from cellular service to internet service without even giving it a thought. Technology has made communication easy and has provided us with a number of communication resources. However, what happens when the things we take for granted are taken away? It doesn’t seem probable or likely, but it happens every day.

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Man with satellite phone

Travel Planning – Satellite Phone Restrictions

If you plan on traveling to an international destination, you should always be putting in the legwork ahead of time to make sure your trip goes smoothly. This is especially relevant when it pertains to issues that may jam you up. If you plan on doing any travel with a satellite phone, you make want to take the time to do your homework.

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Home Security Basics: Doors

When it comes to home security we can sometimes become bogged down with all the things we can do to improve the security and sanctity of our homes. This can lead to paralysis which results in nothing being done at all. However, if we take a methodical approach and break up home security into sections which can be tackled one at a time, we are much more likely to make improvements to our current situation.

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Active Shooter Exit Sign

Active Killer Events – What to do in a Mass Shooting

What do we do? How do we react in the event of an active shooter or mass shooting? Unfortunately, these are questions we find ourselves asking after tragedy strikes. It is incumbent upon responsible individuals to be prepared to the best of our ability for horrific situations such as these. This planning needs to happen beforehand!

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Protestor with mask

How to survive a riot or protest – Gray man tactics

What happens when we find ourselves in the middle of a spontaneous protest or riot? How should we react, what should we do, what options do we have, and how can gray man tactics apply? Let’s take a little bit of time to discuss these issues and look at some of the tips and tactics we can use.

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