Grey Man Tactical – RMP (Rigid Molle Panel): Personal Use

grey man tactical RMP

Grey Man Tactical (RMP) Rigid Molle Panels have been out for quite some time now. And, despite some of the things you may have heard online, these panels offer an exceptional organizational platform that elevates the effectiveness of any gear setup. From carrying essential tools on for a day trip to organizing gear when heading to the range, there’s no limit to the usefulness of an RMP.

Grey Man Tactical’s Rigid MOLLE Panel enables quick and easy access to gear, thanks to its universal MOLLE compatibility. I’ve found that the RMP allows for optimal customization for various tasks, making it a versatile addition to my daily life. With its durable construction, the panel ensures that my belongings remain secure and in place even during the most intense trips.

About Grey Man Tactical

A Look into the History and Mission of Grey Man Tactical

As a user of Grey Man Tactical products, I can attest to their mission of providing innovative and high-quality solutions for tactical organization and hardware storage. With a focus on American Craftsmanship, Grey Man Tactical has built its reputation around the patented RMP (Rigid Molle Panel) for a variety of applications.

The company takes great pride in designing, testing, and manufacturing its products in the United States, with many customers leaving raving reviews about their experiences.

These positive reviews speak to the quality and performance of the Rigid Molle Panel, which has gained popularity among law enforcement, military personnel, LARPers, and recreational shooters alike.

What Sets the Brand Apart

With a range of configurations and sizes available, the RMP can be used in backpacks, vehicle storage, and custom load-outs for personal use.

The American-made craftsmanship contributes to the durable design and reliable performance of the RMP. This, combined with the excellent support and dedicated approach to manufacturing high-quality products, solidifies Grey Man Tactical’s place as an industry leader in tactical organization solutions.

Some features of the Grey Man Tactical RMP that I find particularly useful include:

  • Universal MOLLE compatibility: This enables me to customize my setup according to my specific needs, whether I’m at the range, in the field, or just organizing my daily carry.
  • Rigid and lightweight construction: I appreciate that the RMP is made from sturdy materials while still maintaining a lightweight design, allowing for easy transportation and attachment to various platforms.
  • Wide array of applications: The RMP is suitable for use in a number of different environments, from vehicle seat-back storage to backpack inserts and hard-side case solutions.

15.25 X 25 RMP (Rigid Molle Panel)

Product Specifications

I recently purchased a 15.25 X 25 RMP (Rigid Molle Panel) from Grey Man Tactical. It has a width of 15.25″ (387.35mm), a height of 25″ (635mm), and a thickness of 0.188″ (4.77mm). The panel material is powder-coated aluminum and weighs just 44.8 ounces (1270.06 grams). The RMP features universal MOLLE compatibility, which makes it an ideal, versatile solution for organizing my critical gear.


What I love about this RMP is its non-corrosive build and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which ensures durability and weather resistance.

Because of its universal MOLLE compatibility, I can easily attach a wide range of gear to the panel. The load-bearing capacity of this RMP allows me to reliably secure various types of equipment, keeping it safe and readily accessible.

Personal Experience

As someone who enjoys outdoor activities, I’ve found multiple ways to use the 15.25×25 RMP. Whether in my vehicle or hanging on the wall in my shop, the RMP keeps my equipment organized and easily accessible.

For instance, when going on a day trip, I can quickly attach my medical kit, flashlight, water pouch, multi-tool, and other necessities. The non-corrosive and weather-resistant features of the RMP come in handy for outdoor trips, making it a reliable companion in various weather conditions.

Assembly Instructions

Installing the RMP was a breeze. Depending on your chosen mounting location (e.g., vehicle seatback), you’ll likely need some MOLLE-compatible straps or other mounting accessories. In my case, I attached the RMP to my vehicle seatback using other straps with quick clips.

Following the RMP’s guidelines, I added my gear, ensuring that the load was evenly distributed, maximizing the panel’s effectiveness. The RMP kept my equipment organized and ready for quick access.

Buttstock Cup Kit

Product Specifications

The RMP™ Buttstock Cup Kit is a versatile accessory designed for use with Grey Man Tactical’s Rigid Molle Panel. The kit includes two backer plates and an L-Bracket, which create a shelf for attaching the Buttstock Cup. The L-Bracket features nine tapped holes, allowing for mounting at 90°, 135°, or 180° off of the RMP™.

Compatibility and Functionality

The Buttstock Cup Kit is compatible with a wide range of firearms, including standard-sized AR-15, M4/M16, AK-47, and AK-74 buttstock, as well as most shotguns and hunting rifles. It offers a secure and convenient mounting point for your firearm on the Rigid Molle Panel, ensuring it stays in place during transport or storage.

Personal Experience

I have been using the Grey Man Tactical RMP™ Buttstock Cup Kit with my Rigid Molle Panel for a while now, and I’m extremely satisfied with the results. The Kit allows me to store my AR-15 securely and keep it easily accessible in my vehicle. The adjustable mounting options mean I can position the firearm at the ideal angle, ensuring a quick and hassle-free retrieval when needed.

Assembly Instructions

Assembling the RMP™ Buttstock Cup Kit is straightforward and doesn’t require any special tools. First, secure the two backer plates to the RMP, ensuring that the L-Bracket is positioned correctly. Then, attach the Buttstock Cup to the L-Bracket using the included hardware.

Make sure to select the appropriate mounting angle based on your firearm’s size and the amount of available space on your Rigid Molle Panel. Once everything is securely fastened, your firearm can be easily placed in the Buttstock Cup, ready for transport or storage.

Enlarged Handguard Clamp

Product Specifications

The Enlarged Handguard Clamp from Grey Man Tactical’s Rigid MOLLE Panel (RMP) series is designed to securely hold rifles and other firearms in place. The clamp is made of a durable polymer build, ensuring a reliable grip on your weapon’s handguard.

Compatibility and Durability

This Enlarged Handguard Clamp is compatible with a wide range of firearms, easily accommodating different handguard sizes and shapes. Its polymer construction not only offers a lightweight and easy-to-install solution but also ensures durability and longevity in various conditions. Whether you’re using it at home, in your vehicle, or in the field, you can trust that this clamp will hold.

Personal Experience

As someone who takes pride in maintaining proper care for my firearms, I find the Enlarged Handguard Clamp to be an excellent addition to my RMP setup. It securely holds my rifle in place, eliminating any fear of accidental drops or damage. The polymer build is sturdy, yet lightweight, making it unobtrusive and easy to use with my RMP.

Assembly Instructions

Installing the Enlarged Handguard Clamp is fairly straightforward. First, ensure that your RMP is securely installed and ready for accessory mounting. Next, position the clamp on the panel, aligning the mounting holes with the MOLLE slots on your RMP.

Using the provided mounting hardware, tighten the clamp into place, ensuring a secure fit. Finally, adjust the clamp as needed to accommodate your weapon’s handguard and lock it down. Your firearm should now be safely secured to your RMP, ready for quick and easy access when needed.

Personal Additions

How I Integrated Maxpedition Pouches for Various Gear

One of the best features of the Grey Man Tactical – RMP is its compatibility with various MOLLE attachments. I found it incredibly useful to integrate Maxpedition pouches to organize and store my gear. By attaching these pouches, I was able to keep my items easily accessible and neatly organized.

For example, I used a Maxpedition utility pouch to store my multitool, flashlight, and spare batteries, while another pouch held my maps, compass, and navigation tools. This not only helped me keep track of my gear, but also made it easy to quickly access whatever tools I needed at a moment’s notice.

Adding a Vanquest The FATPack 5X8 for Medical Supplies and Its Utility

In addition to my numerous Maxpedition pouches, I decided to add a Vanquest FATPack 5X8 for my medical supplies. This versatile pouch fit perfectly on my RMP and provided easy access to essential first-aid items whenever needed.

The FATPack 5X8 features:

  • Multiple elastic loops for organizing medical supplies
  • A removable shock-cord panel for additional customization
  • High-visibility medical-cross identifiers

With this added medical pouch, I have a bit more capability during emergency situations, knowing that my first aid supplies are securely organized and easily accessible.

Using the Rigid MOLLE Panel has made it incredibly convenient for me to access and secure my personal gear. The integration of Maxpedition pouches and the Vanquest FATPack 5X8 made my RMP an essential tool for both personal use and ensuring my preparedness for various situations.

Overall Experience

Summary of My Overall Experience with Grey Man Tactical Products

I can confidently say that this tool has significantly improved my gear organization and accessibility. The RMP system is versatile, allowing me to customize the setup based on my needs.

For personal use, the RMP system has served me well in various situations – from everyday carry to outdoor adventures and emergency preparedness.


grey man tactical RMP

Who Would Benefit Most from These Products

In my opinion, the Grey Man Tactical – RMP (Rigid MOLLE Panel) has a wide range of applications that cater to various groups of people. Its versatility makes it suitable for both professional and personal use, allowing for optimal organization, quick access, and customization.

For those passionate about their gear and personal safety, the RMP can be an indispensable tool for organizing and accessing items like medical supplies, tools, and emergency equipment conveniently and efficiently. Its customizability allows it to fit seamlessly into various bags, cases, and transportation setups.

I believe that the Grey Man Tactical RMP is a solid product that serves as a versatile organizational tool for many scenarios. Its practicality and adaptability make it beneficial for not just law enforcement and military personnel, but also hunters and everyday users who value gear organization and quick accessibility in their daily lives.


Final Thoughts on Grey Man Tactical as a Brand and the Products Reviewed

I have found that Grey Man Tactical provides high-quality tactical gear designed to cater to various personal-use scenarios. Their RMP (Rigid MOLLE Panel) Series is particularly innovative and versatile.

These products are made from durable, high-density polyethylene, ensuring their long-lasting performance under various conditions. The RMP Series is also compatible with MOLLE gear, which allows me to customize and optimize my loadout according to the tasks at hand.

Whether or Not These Products are Recommended

Based on my experience and observations, I would confidently recommend Grey Man Tactical’s RMP products for personal use. Their reliable construction and versatility make them an essential addition to any tactical setup.

Whether for hiking, camping, or everyday carry, these panels provide a robust organizational platform that caters to my needs. In conclusion, Grey Man Tactical has proven to be a dependable brand that offers well-designed and practical gear suitable for an array of situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of a Rigid MOLLE Panel?

The primary purpose of a Rigid MOLLE Panel (RMP) is to provide a versatile and customizable platform for organizing and carrying gear. As a personal user, I find it particularly useful for keeping my equipment secure and easily accessible, whether I am using it in my backpack, vehicle, or any other gear setup.

Which materials are commonly used in RMP production?

Rigid MOLLE Panels are commonly made from high-quality, durable materials such as HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) or similar lightweight and rigid polymers. In my experience, these materials offer the perfect balance between strength and weight, ensuring that my gear stays secure without weighing me down.

How do you attach items to an RMP?

Attaching items to an RMP is quite simple. I use MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatible pouches, straps, and accessories to secure my gear to the panel. This modular system allows me to easily customize my setup based on the specific items I need for a task or mission, making it an incredibly versatile tool for organizing my gear.

Can the Rigid MOLLE Panel be used in various gear setups?

Yes, the RMP can be used in a wide variety of gear setups. I have personally utilized it in my backpack, vehicle, and even as a standalone organizer in my home or workplace. The RMP’s effectiveness in different environments and gear setups is a testament to its versatility and adaptability.

What sizes are available for RMP?

Rigid MOLLE Panels are available in various sizes, allowing me to choose the right size panel for my specific gear setup. To pick the right size RMP for my backpack, for example, I measure the width and height of the compartment, ensuring that the panel will fit snugly and securely inside.

Are there any weight limits for attaching items to an RMP?

While there isn’t a specific weight limit mentioned for attaching items to an RMP, it’s essential to use common sense and not overload the panel. In my experience, the RMP can comfortably handle a reasonable amount of weight, but I always make sure to distribute the load evenly across the panel and avoid attaching exceedingly heavy items that could compromise the panel’s integrity.

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