Liberty Lubricants Review – Yea or Nay?

Liberty Lubricants

As you all are well aware, we occasionally receive “things” from manufacturers who want our feedback on products. We do accept these from time to time and we have never accepted any money in exchange, which we are offered pretty regularly.

We also let them know that our reviews are just that, and we always give our honest opinion, good or bad. I always advise them to only send us something if they are confident that it performs the way they say it does. It could go bad for them otherwise.

With all of that being said, we were recently contacted by Liberty Lubricants to take a look at some of their products for review purposes. After checking out their company and products, we decided to give it a shot.

They ended up sending us the following items to check out:

We’ve now had these products for about 2 months and I feel like we have enough experience with them to give an honest initial review.

As a disclaimer, like most folks out there we do have affiliate links included in this article. They don’t cost you anything, but we do get a small commission if you do.

If you decide to give their stuff a try, feel free to use these links or look them up elsewhere. It doesn’t bother us either way.

Let’s get on with it.

Who are Liberty Lubricants?

According to the Liberty Lubricants website, they are a small family / Woman Owned Small Business(WOSB). We are shooters, veterans, and current serving members of the military.

They have stocking dealers in 7 states and have several online/internet dealers as well.

Here is a short video, which is found on their About Us Page.

What Does Liberty Lubricants Say?

Let’s take a look at how Liberty Lubricants describes their own products.

Liberty-Tuff™ Brass Breakdown Cleaning Rod

The Liberty-Tuff™ Brass Breakdown Cleaning Rod is comprised of a polymer t-handle, 1ea short rotating brass rod, 5 solid brass rods, and a brass universal patch holder(up to 2.25″ patches). It is a perfect small quality rod that can give you a total rod length of 32 inches.

The Liberty-Tuff™ Brass Breakdown Cleaning Rod is machined from quality brass, instead of cheap thin aluminum. It has industry standard 8x32tpi threading for most quality bore brushes, chamber brushes, patch holders, and jags.

You can use any combination of lengths in a rotating or non-rotating rod, based on your needs. Two of the solid non-rotating rods are a perfect length for cleaning the chambers on your AR and most barreled actions.

Price: $14.99

Liberty-Tuff™ Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush

The Phosphor Bronze bristles are wrapped in a single length of brass shank that is folded then twisted to create a smooth loop, as opposed to a cut-off tip that is seen on some cheaper brushes.

The 8×32 base is made from solid brass as well. Comes in a handy 3 pack.

Price: $4.99 (3-Pack)

Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent 4 oz

Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent has been revamped and formulated with EPA Safer Choice Program – CleanGredients that are USDA BioPreferred.

We wanted to bring our customers a safe non-toxic / non-hazardous bio-based cleaning solvent that is made from sustainable ingredients. During formulating and testing, we came up with an outstanding new version of our GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent. This solvent breaks down carbon and soot build-up like nothing we have ever tried.

(in the photos below, you will see some 9mm suppressor baffles that were partially cleaned in GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent for just s few minutes. We left part of the baffle carbon encrusted so you can have a reference)

We know you will be as impressed as we are! Give it a try, you will be glad you did.

• Non-Toxic / Non-Hazardous
• Biodegradable
• Formulated with EPA Safer Choice Program – CleanGredients that are USDA BioPreferred.
• Removes Grease, Oils, and Baked-on Carbon
• Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor
• Low Residue
• Pleasant Odor
• Available in Concentrate
• Great in Ultrasound Tanks

PLEASE NOTE: GunSolve™ is water-based and can freeze. we allow for expansion in the bottle, but if you order during the winter month, be sure to check your mail and don’t let it possibly sit out overnight.

Safe for use on vinyl, plastic, and wood

Price: $6.99 for a 4 oz. bottle

Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kit – AR/5.56mm

Liberty Lubricants
Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kit – AR/5.56mm

The Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kit – AR/5.56mm comes with plenty of firearm cleaning necessities in one compact kit, that easily fits in your range bag or pack. This kit is designed for AR rifles and pistols.

These caliber-specific kits give you full 1oz bottles of H.L.P.™ Gun Oil and Tribo-Solve™ Synthetic Solvent & Protectant instead of the little sampler sizes offered in other kits.

We also give you a full 10cc syringe of our Chemical-X™ Nano-Tech Firearms Grease, because we know how messy those little tear packs are.

Get three Liberty-Tuff™ Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes instead of one (no cheap aluminum or zinc shafts in our kits). 

Our Compact Cleaning Kit Case easily fits all of the items in the kit, with room to spare for some of your other favorite knick-knack cleaning items. Buy an extra set of our Phosphor Bronze Brushes in another caliber and you have a multi-caliber kit.

Liberty Lubricants

*Purchased separately, the components would cost $56.67 (Save $16.68)*

The Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kit – AR/5.56mm comes with:

  • 1ea – 36″ Flex-Cable™ Flexible Cleaning Rod
  • 1ea – 12″ Flex-Cable™ Flexible Cleaning Rod
  • 1ea – Flex-Cable™ Handle
  • 1ea – 2 Piece Brass Chamber Cleaning Rod
  • 1ea – Universal Brass Patch Holder
  • 3ea – 223 Brass/Bronze bore brush
  • 1ea – AR15 Brass/Bronze chamber brush
  • 25ea – Patches
  • 10ea – TriboStars™ 5.56 Chamber Locking Lug Cleaning Pads
  • 1ea – Liberty Lubricant™ H.L.P.™ Gun Oil 1oz Dropper Bottle
  • 1ea – Tribo-Solve™ Synthetic Solvent & Protectant – 1oz Spray Bottle
  • 1ea – Chemical-X™ Nano-Tech Firearms Grease, 10cc Syringe
  • 1ea – Compact Cleaning Kit Case

Price: $39.99

What Do We Say?

Rod and Brushes

We have no real complaints about the cleaning rod or bore brush. Both performed just fine during our testing.

The rotating brass rod worked well and never seemed to bind up during use. All of the rods threaded smoothly and we had no issues attaching and removing them as required for specific cleaning tasks.

The cleaning rod also accepted all of our other brushes, which is nice. No need to have proprietary stuff.


After trying this solvent on various platforms, I have to say I’m very pleased with how well it worked on everything from light use to heavy use.

After application, I let it sit for a few minutes (sorry, I don’t track that kind of stuff) and started cleaning.

A lot of areas only required a wipe and the filthier areas required a little brushing.

I tried it on both a new gun, just to get off the factory stuff, and then a few I had been using a bit without proper cleaning.

All of the carbon fouling came off with no issues.

Once everything was clean, I did a little wipe down and then applied some of their HLP Lubricant to all the friction points.

It seems to work well and I have had zero issues. Even the smell wasn’t too bad at all, especially when compared to a lot of alternatives.

Compact Cleaning Kit

Okay, this compact cleaning kit has become something I regularly go to. I really like the size in relation to all of the components that are included.

I don’t often clean at the range, but there have been times I do, especially when on the road for multi-day events.

I also like having a “travel-size” to loan out when instructing or even attending classes for that matter.

The two flex-cable cleaning rods work well, even though I was apprehensive on the front end.

I also really like that it comes with cleaning pads for the locking lug, which are pre-treated with solvent. I haven’t purchased a kit that included these before, so it’s a nice bonus.

However, my experience has primarily dealt with government purchases, which are typically sub-par at best.

If you haven’t used these before, here is a quick video showing how they are used with this kit.

The only thing I did notice is that there is a bit of the cleaning pad left on the bore brush after finishing, which is pretty common. It takes just a few seconds to remove the residue.

Outside of that nice add-on, it pretty much comes with everything you need to keep things in running order and to provide any maintenance you may need while on the go.

I would describe the case as semi-rigid and provides a decent amount of protection for the components inside.

In regards to the case, there is room to include additional items if you have other things you would like to supplement the kit with.

With that in mind, you can “customize” it a bit by adding things as you see fit.

Again, with the included tools, accessories, solvent, lube, and grease, I feel like they’ve done a good job at putting a pretty complete kit together while maintaining a somewhat compact package.

Again, the case could be a little smaller, but I feel you would lose the extra space to include additional items, which is a bonus in my opinion.


I’m not an expert at gun cleaning by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve done it recreationally and as “life insurance” in my professional career on various types of weapon platforms.

All I know is how easy or hard things are to clean (effort) based on how dirty or filthy they are.

I’m not one of those guys who is meticulous about cleaning each and every time I fire my weapons. Sorry, that’s just the reality of it.

With that in mind, they can get a little dirty from time to time in between cleanings.

That being said, Liberty Lubricants products performed well, did their job as described, and I’ve had no issues.

I’ve only been using these products for a few months so if something changes during long-term use I will update this article.

If you are interested in trying out their stuff, feel free to use the button below.

Cody Martin

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