TEC Accessories Python Clip – 5 ways to use

tec accessories python clip

Made out of 303 series stainless steel, the Python Clip is designed for quick release but was engineered to ensure that your gear won’t accidentally fall off. It has a wire gate with a gate guard that prevents items from sliding out and you’ll notice that a little bit of force is needed to open the gate, which also helps prevent items from unintentionally sliding out. 

Let’s look at five ways you can incorporate the Python Clip into your keychain:

1. Separate keys

Attach your everyday keys and tools to a Python Clip and easily switch out your various car keys and key fobs.

It’s easy for us to get into the habit of carrying all the keys in our lives on one keychain. Not only does this mean we carry around unnecessary gear, but it can be heavy and uncomfortable in your pocket.

The idea with everyday carry is to be intentional. Making your gear useful and being prepared is at the core of a good Primary EDC, and keychain items shouldn’t be treated differently.

If you have multiple vehicles, like many households, separate which car keys you are taking.

The Python Clip allows you to clip your everyday keys (house key, utility keys, multitool, etc.) that you need with you at all times and attach them to the bulkier key fobs.

You only need to take the keys for the vehicle you’re driving and this gives you much flexibility in how you carry.

2. Attach to a flashlight

tec accessories python clip on maratac aaa copper flashlight
A Python Clip makes using a keychain flashlight, like this MARATAC AAA in Copper, easy.

Manufacturers love to put a split ring on a flashlight, easily classifying it as a “keychain flashlight” but as you fight the trap of carrying way too much on your keyring, a flashlight is an easy one to justify taking off.

It can just be too much to carry in your pocket.

But, having a flashlight as an option to add to your keychain is a good idea–you just need the flexibility of when to carry it and when to leave it at home.

The Python Clip not only gives you flexibility in making your keychain modular but also makes your keychain flashlight much more usable.

Keep your light clipped to your keychain when you need it, but unclip it if you’re wearing workout shorts or dress pants, or any other time it’s just too bulky.

It also gives you the ability to use your flashlight off your keyring so you can use it (or give it to someone else to use) without your keys dangling from it.

3. Attach to a small multitool

tec accessories python clip on countycomm widgy pry bar
The CountyComm Widgy Pry Bar is a great hard-use piece of gear, but scraping and prying is harder when attached to a bulky keychain.

Similar to the flashlight, using a multitool with your keys dangling from the other side is okay in certain situations, but having the flexibility to quickly remove it is key.

The Python Clip gives you flexibility in quickly disconnecting it.

This can work for a one-piece tool, like a Gerber Shard, or a multi-piece tool such as a Leatherman Micra or Gerber Dime.

4. Attach to a USB drive

tec accessories python clip on thumb drive
A USB is still needed for the transfer and backup of more documents and files. 

Going with the common theme of flexibility in your keychain EDC, a USB drive or other data storage or even a small phone charger are common electronics carried on a keychain.

In the world of “the cloud” and document share software, using a USB isn’t as common anymore, but in dealing with sensitive information, or information you just don’t want Google or Amazon or other large companies “in the cloud” to have access to, you need to make sure you have your information securely carried–and a USB drive can still do that.

If you keep your USB drive attached to your keychain, work ID badge, the key holder in your briefcase, etc., then being allowed to separate it to easily plug it into your computer (especially if you have to plug it into the back of a monitor) is easy with the Python Clip.

5. Manage work-related gear

Our background is in law enforcement and being able to separate the slew of gear needed to do our jobs every day is a necessity. The Python Clip quickly became a lifesaver for us. 

Ideas on gear to use the Python Clip for work-related gear could be:

  • Handcuff key
  • A pouch containing nitrile gloves
  • Earbuds
  • Work car keys (see #1)

The key to a successful Primary EDC is flexibility. As we talk about in ” What is Everyday Carry?“, it’s about modifying your everyday carry for your specific needs for the task you are undertaking. Any gear to support the flexibility we need, especially if it’s minimal weight, is a good step in making our EDC useful. 

The options are endless for the TEC Accessories Python Clip. How else do you use it?

Cody Martin

With over 18 years of federal law enforcement, training, and physical security experience, Cody focuses his time nowadays on both consulting and training. He regularly advises individuals, groups, multinational corporations, schools, houses of worship, and NGOs on security threats while conducting customized training as needed.

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