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What is a gray man? What does it truly mean to have the option to be gray and how does that apply to your everyday life? On the most basic level, it means you have the ability to carry yourself in a state of vagueness or in a condition that draws little to no attention. We need to have the ability to be a gray man when needed, but it is not something that needs to consume our thoughts and actions. Let’s dive into the knowledge, skills, abilities, and gear that make up the gray man concept.

flashlight in the dark

How to use a flashlight for self-defense

A self-defense flashlight is a light specifically chosen and carried to be used as a less-than-lethal defense tool. We want to talk about why a flashlight is a vital part of an Intentional EDC, how to use your light as a force option as well as some considerations when buying a flashlight.

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Being a gray man: Clothing and gear

A gray man blends in with his surroundings, becoming forgettable—another face in the crowd. Clothing can either help you disappear, or make you stand out. Let’s take a look at why clothing is so important, how to determine the right clothing to wear, and how to be intentional about the gear you carry.

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crowd of busy people

Gray man theory – situational awareness

You decipher events on a daily basis already, even though you may not be aware of it. You may have a “gut feeling” about a person, and change your actions because of it. Second in our 5-part series “Being a gray man,” we introduce you to situational awareness, what it means to the gray man and 3 steps to start practicing it today.

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glock 43 in alex and ryan design master blaster holster, with boker ridgeback fixed blade knife, sunglasses, and a bottle of water.

Gray man theory – What is a gray man?

You are already intentional about your EDC. You believe in taking personal responsibility for yourself and those you love. But, how do you start to get into a mindset that prepares you for both the mundane and the intense moments of life? First in our 5-part series “Being a gray man,” we explore what the gray man theory is, what a gray man is, and why it should apply to you.

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TSA compliant EDC kit

Flying: How to build a TSA-Friendly EDC Kit

We wanted to put together a TSA-Friendly EDC Kit that you could take with you in a backpack, purse or brief case so you have it on your person and accessible, even when traveling via airplane. You’ll need to modify this based on the duration of your trip, time of year, weather, who you are traveling with and your destination, but we hope it gives you guidance on the type of gear you should consider packing.

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EDC kit for travel

Flying: Plan for your travel EDC Kit

The first of our two-part series on traveling domestically via air, we take a look at why it’s important to plan ahead for the unexpected. The goal of everyday carry is to be prepared, aware and intentional. Let’s look at how to apply your mental EDC by planning ahead of time for the restrictive environment of airplane travel.

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